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Lone Wolf
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Posted - Apr 30 2012 : 12:58PM
Did it ever happen that you were watching a non-anal movie and the scene almost turned into anal? I just happened to see this in Teen Babysitters 3.
In the first scene, starring the superb Riley Reid, at one point the stud was so absorbed in licking Riley's asshole that he forgot and started forcing his dick into Riley's cute little hole. Riley's face went a bit awkward though she was still giggling, and she had to move her body out to stop the guy from penetrating her ass!!!
The guy, realising his mistake forced a smile and mumbled some stuffs, then resumed fucking her pussy.
It was a funny moment.

PS I'm dying to see the day when Riley starts doing anal and almost had my wish come true, too bad...

Do you know of other such scenes?

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Posted - Apr 30 2012 : 6:06PM
Ahah, good one!
I remember seeing in porn bloopers a scene where the guy is fucking the girl doggystyle like a madman and suddenly his cock gets out and back into the ass. The girl immediately jumped away from him.
Not sure if the girl is remembers it as funny or just painful, but it was indeed an unexpected penetration.

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