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north carolina
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Posted - May 13 2005 : 12:08PM
we were wondering how many couples love to share their cum.. we have found that my husband cumming inside me and him going down on me and licking it clean and kissing me is very erotic.. we love to do that. we also love for him to cum into my mouth and then kiss me sharing the cum before it get swallowed... don't be shy lets hear from some loving couples.. (edited for ALL CAPS title) Edited by - DenverDon on May 13 2005 Topic Moved by - DenverDon on May 13 2005
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Posted - May 13 2005 : 12:16PM
I have never done that with a girlfriend but I would like to. I am not too keen on watching it on film but it sounds very erotic to actually do.
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2295 Posts
Posted - May 13 2005 : 12:39PM

I don't necessarily get off on it , though when the mood is right my partners and I have erotically and enjoyably done the same. But it's more about passion than an actual fetish.

As for watching it in videos, no thanks. Again, it comes down to intimacy, which IMO shouldn't be shared.

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Tastes so good...
12346 Posts
Posted - May 13 2005 : 1:49PM
I've never done it nor been really interested in doing it. If asked I'd consider it just because experimenting in bed is a wonderful thing.

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7512 Posts
Posted - May 13 2005 : 4:34PM
I had a boyfriend once who always insisted in going down on me after ejaculating inside me. It was the hottest thing ever. In response to your poll, I just made a post in another forum looking for movies that depict this. Yum.

north carolina
13 Posts
Posted - May 13 2005 : 5:34PM
well let me know what movies you find out has this in it.. we love it..
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Somewhere Doing Something Stupid
1989 Posts
Posted - May 13 2005 : 8:24PM

newshycouple777 wrote:
well let me know what movies you find out has this in it.. we love it..

Hmmm, sounds like entrapment to me.

I have no prob with this fetish. I take the 5th.

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Posted - May 15 2005 : 1:36PM
Not my cup of Tea, Cum should be shared by the women
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Paying trib-ute to SinncentVanSage
4918 Posts
Posted - May 17 2005 : 6:29PM
Sounds hot! I'd like to share my cum with a girl (though she can also have everything for herself if she wants to). Don't know if I'd give her any of her pussy juice back... probably not.

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Mr-Christy Canyon

Worshipper of the Canyon
754 Posts
Posted - May 18 2005 : 3:39PM

I've kissed girls after giving a facial. Havent done anything else, nor do I really care to. As far as cum sharing is concerned.

14 Posts
Posted - May 20 2005 : 12:15PM
God I could cum just seeing this topic.Just the other day my GF let the cum cover her lips and kept the rest in her mouth a gave me a sloppy kiss.It was fantastic. I have cum inside her and eaten her many times as well as cum all over her face and tits and licked her clean.The thought of this gives me a boner every time. We have talked of my cumming on her feet,licking it up and sharing it with her.Thats next.I have done intensive research on Adult movies that show this.I haven't seen them all yet but want to.

Here is a list of movies in which the guy eats his own cum.I have not seen most of them yet but if anyone has seen and can recommend please respond.

God I love eating my own cum and what a mindblower that GF loves it too.

Bad Girls # 8, Mickey G licks cum off Ruby's ass
The Best Of Perfect Pink{cum out of p}
Cream of the Crop 4 { Rolls over on her back and cum runs out and he licks it up}
Crossing the Color Line {c}
Cumback Pussy 21 {C}
Dirty Dirty Debutantes 4" cum eat out of pussy
Fire and Ice: Caught in the Act By Wicked {drips into guys mouth cumeat}
Fully Injected Holes{guy licks cum off ass}
I dream of Jenna{ cum kiss}
I Love it Rough {he licks his cum}
Jennas Revenge {kisses her cum covered face}
Let's Get Fucked Please 3{cum lick all up} by Evil Angel
Lower extremeties 2 {2 scenes man licks cum off feet
Masters and Servants{makes him eat his own cum}
Nylon{rocco cum swap}
Paradise{c} Please 3{cum lick all up}
Pussy Whipped 2 {cum eat off pussy} The Real Briana Banks{cum lick up}
South of Eden{cum lick all up} by Digital Playground
Skin Flix Stick Up{starring teri star} {cumlick off tits}
Sold Troy Halston cum off Holly Halston
South of Eden{cum lick all up
Specs Appeal # 3 {cumlick}
Steve Holmes Perversions {cum of foot}
Stick Up {starring teri star} {cumlick of tits}
Still Hard to Stop Tom Byron licks it off of Nikki's face and then kisses her by VCA
Tails from the Toilet {cum face kiss}
TAYA'S TALES {2 scenes cum off pussy,kiss}
Truly Nice Ass 6 cumswap
United Colors of Ass #4 {cum lick off ass}
Wet Dreams by digital playground{cum face kiss} Wet Teen Panties Volume 1 {C}
Woman Under Glass(Randy Spears off Savanna Samson {c}

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