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Posted - Jan 5 2010 : 4:21AM
Which films of Dana Dearmond's is she wearing her braces/retainer in?
Porn Unicorn
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Posted - Jan 6 2010 : 12:23PM
rico the destroyer

nice jewish girls

anal acrobats 4

lord of asses 14

chain gang 2

thats all i can think of right now.


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Posted - Jan 7 2010 : 8:31PM
Thank you so much! I know you probably hear this all the time, but you are one of my all time favs! Not just your looks or performances (which are great) but especially your personality! Not trying to be cliche or a kiss ass. Hope your mouth feels better. Will start voting for you on missfreeones. Wanna check out your blog. Have watched your videos on Youtube. Never quasi corresponded with any person whose work i've enjoyed: adult performer, author, novelist, musician, etc. Best of luck and love your Facebook posts!

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