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Dana DeArmond interview on WTF with Marc Maron

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Posted - Jan 31 2010 : 09:31:41 PM
I've posted this in Dana's thread in Star Crossed ("Dearest DeArmond"), but I thought this would be a good place too.

Dana DeArmond is the interviewee on the December 28, 2009 episode of "WTF with Marc Maron" -- a popular podcast.

It's a fun listen for Dana's fans and Marc's fans, of which I am both.

Here's a link to the RSS Feed.

There's also a free download of the podcast at the iTunes Store.


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Harri Patel
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Posted - Jan 31 2010 : 10:41:15 PM
IMHO, it was a good interview, sandwiched between two long segments of boring-as-fuck-ness.

I would advise skipping right to the good part, and shutting it off right after it ends. (In other words, approach it the same way you watch porn.)

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Posted - Jan 31 2010 : 11:53:51 PM
If you're interested in Marc, the intro is interesting. If you're not, it's not.

The bit after Dana's interview -- where Marc talks with his therapist-friend about porn/sex/love addiction -- is just annoying.

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Posted - Feb 1 2010 : 07:55:02 PM
thanks for listening guys, im glad you liked it.

i was a little thrown by his afterward, but tried to take it with a grain of salt.

marc is good people.

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Posted - Feb 2 2010 : 02:25:20 AM
I enjoyed both sections of the interview.
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