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San Diego, CA
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Posted - Feb 13 2007 : 5:44AM
Friends - Just copped the new release, "Double Bubble White Booty" from West Coast Productions. Folks, comin' from a man who lives for PHAT booty, this flick may be, pound for pound, cheek for cheek, the greatest collection of thick, big booty, big name white porn girls ever assembled. Only one of the women here is new, and all the rest are well-known women that have been around. And those of us who ride the big butt wagon have seem them all many times before. But never in a concentration such as this. With scenes as overflowing with ass as this. And with each scene consisting of two women and one black stunt dick, that's TEN magnificent booties. See if you can't get lost in this assmeat. All but one are at pretty much their max thickness. And the one is still great after a fitness resculpting. Caroline Pierce with Amber Peach Flower Tucci with Georgia Peach Sara Jay with Lisa Sparxx Daryn Darby with Ryan O'Dell and the bonus scene is Katja Kassin with Katsumi. One doesn't normally associate Katsumi with "phatness", but I was surprised at just how meaty she was here. Maybe she thickened up for the part. And Katja will always be our shapely Katja, no matter how much she hits the gym or lays off the carbs. The others girls are all wall to wall ass, and with them all working over black meat, I was a happy, happy dawg. There's a lot of companies out there frontin' and advertizin' about "big booty" and "phat asses", especially when it comes to white girls, with the girls not really haulin' the junk. This flick is the real deal. Good job to Terry Burton and WCP. Double Bubble White Booty BSD
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San Diego, CA
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Posted - Feb 13 2007 : 11:18AM
Friends -

There's also a second bonus scene in this flick, featuring Daphne Rosen and a woman whose name I never saw. Daphne wasn't looking her best here, and the other woman wasn't so hot either, but it was one of the freakier performances I've seen from ex-WCPer Jack Napier.

Both women took Napier in the ass, as did Katja and Katsumi in the other bonus scene.


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Trina Michaels fan
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Posted - Feb 13 2007 : 12:39PM
I didn't buy this one, the guy with the hat will ruin it for me.

Btw, I wonder what happened to WCP's PAWG serie. The last one was volume 22. I bought that one months ago.

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Posted - Feb 13 2007 : 9:35PM
What happened to the trailers. I used to buy or rent West Coast products based on the trailer content. Some of the stuff is great , some bad, but you could get a good clue of what you were going to buy based on the trailer content.
Lord of Lust

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Posted - Feb 19 2007 : 4:17PM
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Believe and you can Achieve
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Posted - Feb 21 2007 : 1:53AM
I love da butts. I'll check this one out. Thanks for the tip BSD!

"Two Shades above the rest", - The Secluded Paradyme.

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Arrogant & Obnoxious Narcissist
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Posted - Mar 6 2007 : 11:53PM
BSD is always on point with the heads up. I just saw this thread today, of course, after I was already a few scenes deep into this movie.

Thank God for the "search" function so many of us forget about.

At any rate, I wholeheartedly second this recommendation.

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Posted - Mar 7 2007 : 12:36AM
The second woman in the second bonus scene is Angelica Sinn.

I rented this one last Friday and previewed it to see if I liked it enough to pick it up. I didn't watch any scene it in its entirety, but watched some of each one.

The camera work captured the action and the booty perfectly. I don't recall much reverse cowgirl, which is an obligatory position for me. The booty focus probably caused the director (TB) to de-emphasize the reverse cowgirl.

Some of the guys talk way too much, in my opinion; I don't mind a little talk, but too much can be distracting. By the way, the guys in the movie are Domineko, Mr. Marcus, Wesley Pipes, and Jack Napier.

I loved the women's figures (scrumptiously voluptuous), their presentation (glamorously made up), and their attire (lingerie and stockings). They looked stunning.

It is on my wish list.

Edited by - Walter on 3/7/2007 1:21:46 AM

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Posted - Mar 7 2007 : 2:18AM

BSD wrote:
Flower Tucci with Georgia Peach

When I saw the movie title "Double Bubble White Booty", Flower Tucci was the first girl that popped into my head. Glad to hear that she's in the movie.

Edited by - matchmaker on 3/7/2007 2:18:28 AM

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