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Vivien Martines
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Walter Burns
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Posted - Mar 14 2004 : 9:44PM
Name •: Vivien Martines Aliases •: Vivien, Vivienne, Vivienne Tolli, Vivian Hoxa, Angel Baby Years Active •: 1998-2001 Date of Birth •: ??/??/1978 Place of Birth •: ??, Hungary Movies •: 13: Pink Hotel on Butt Row , Triple X Files 7 , Big Titties of Europe 2 , Call Girl , Sodomania 30: Hard Times Are Here to Stay , Sodomania 31: Suffering for the Sake of Art , Private XXX 8 , Rocco's True Anal Stories 8 , Private XXX 9 , The Voyeur #15: Private Casting , Big Babies in Budapest #4 , Buttman's Big Tit Adventure 5 and Stavros Comments : Vivien is easy to recognize. Look at her left boob. If it is nice and big and soft and natural ... and has a tattoo of a unicorn on it, changes are big that it is her. She started out as a brunette and became a blonde later on. No matter what color her hais was, she was fine either way, don't you agree? p.s. While I am not really a fan of her tattoo, it does make it easier to ID her and especially not to confuse her with the likes of Euro Babe of the Week 29: Ornelia, or Euro Babe of the Week 41: Christina Dark, or Euro Babe of the Week 60: Ellen Dupal. Picture : Vivien Martines IAFD Page : Vivien Martines on the IAFD Website : Vivien Martines on the Private shop site and Vivien Martines on the EGAFD Disclaimer: All the information in the fields marked with an "•" represent only data found in Walter Burns' personal database, nothing more, nothing less. Zatoichi said: "The catch (as with all databases) is finding the time to keep the damn thing updated." (No comment.)
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Posted - Mar 14 2004 : 10:12PM
Another one of my all time favorites (although I could really do without that tattoo. It was really nice to see her again in a recent release: Big Natural Breasts.
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Posted - Mar 14 2004 : 10:32PM
See, Walter, I told you they needed to get their ID's tattoo'd on their butts.
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Posted - Mar 15 2004 : 12:23AM
I really liked her scene in Big Tit Adventure 5, nothing else has seemed anywhere close to being as good. She's not a favorite of mine, but I don't mind seeing her.
Dexter Day

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Posted - Oct 2 2004 : 12:47AM

Bill wrote:
Another one of my all time favorites

And mine. The first time I saw her, a bonus scene on the Call Girl DVD, she just blew me away. It's a scene that I never tire of watching.

I ordered Triple X: Laura because she was in it, and this scene, too, is a favourite of mine. The style is very different, but Vivien is still stunning.

Fans of big tits and sensual women should check her out.

Dexter Day

Dexter Day

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Posted - Feb 21 2005 : 2:32AM
I've just discovered that she has a couple of sets up on 1by-day. She's there as "VIVIEN T".

Happy days!

Dexter Day

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