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Posted - May 19 2014 : 11:12AM
misspornUSA noted that there were a lot of up and coming female directors in the industry, but that they just weren't getting the kind of recognition that their big name counterparts are getting. Courtney Trouble was one name she brought up.

Who are some other female directors people know of who are good? What are some of their titles?

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Posted - May 19 2014 : 11:49AM
Not sure how to interpret "up and coming" seeing as Courtney Trouble has been producing and directing since 2002. So, with that in mind, here are some female directors from the last ten years or so, still working.

Shine Louise Houston
Dana Vespoli
Ms. Naughty
Petra Joy
Erika Lust
Tristan Taormino
Tina Horn
Madison Young
Lily Cade
Zahra Stardust
Julie Simone
Gala Vanting
Nica Noelle
Jacky St. James
Pandora Blake
Soma Snakeoil (she has only made one film so far)
Morgana Muses
Lucie Blush

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Posted - May 19 2014 : 4:37PM
Diana Devoe is directing since 2002 and was mentor for Justin Slayer and her ex husband Alexander Devoe too.
And you forgot JOANNA ANGEL

You didn't mention her but Celeste has been directing for Digital Playground for years

Bobbi Starr was good too

Also Stormy Daniels is a director now
As I said some good female directors are leading me to appreciate lesbian porn Lily Cade and Madison Young you mentioned but Nikki Hearts is good too.

I know some other are directing Tanya Tate more regularly than Sovereign Syre

but there are many more I'm not very informed about Katryn Anelle but she's been working for years.

I'm not sure about Lisa Ann, I know that Chris Streams is holding the camera but her movies are different from his

Asa Akira is directing too

Mark Wood

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Posted - May 19 2014 : 6:11PM
Francesca Le'-not only does she shoot camera for all of the LeWood/Evil Angel titles but also the older exp stuff and my old red light titles. I'm kinda biased though :)
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Posted - May 19 2014 : 7:48PM
There's a relatively new female director working for Harmony, but I forget her name.
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Posted - May 21 2014 : 10:54AM
^ Tanya Hyde?

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Posted - May 21 2014 : 1:52PM
I think mason is one of the best out there IMO
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Posted - May 21 2014 : 3:56PM
^Very much agreed. I've been a fan of her's ever since Riot Sluts, which I think came out around ten years ago. It's still one of my favorite porn videos of all time.

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Posted - May 21 2014 : 5:31PM
Lizzy Borden.
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Posted - May 21 2014 : 6:10PM
^ Is she still working?
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Posted - May 21 2014 : 6:45PM
^I recall that she did a scene with Chanel Preston last year. I'm not sure if she directed it as well. To my knowledge she hasn't done anything in the industry since.
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Posted - May 21 2014 : 7:08PM
^ Right. I have a memory that she returned post-jail but I'm not sure if it stuck.

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Posted - May 22 2014 : 2:04PM
Well, the last thing I heard she directed (and this is just me) was a Mork and Mindy parody in 2011 or 2012.
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Posted - Dec 30 2014 : 8:29PM
I asked Anikka Albrite a question regarding Directing this is what she had to say...

link to thread

Or for those who do not want to go clicking links lol..

stinkfist wrote:

Anikka Albrite wrote:

stinkfist wrote:
What a great photo,lovely couple and so in love..and the furry babies looked on their best behaviour too lol.

Thank you!

This reply has made my New Year,thank you Anikka

Anikka have you ever been tempted to Direct a movie,everything from choosing the cast to filming what turns you on.

ps,Love your scenes too :)

Edited by - stinkfist on 12/30/2014 7:52:57 PM

Absolutely! I would LOVE to direct my own movies! I have a variety of turn-ons and perversions, ranging from beautiful and fantasy-like to absurdly kinky and boundary-pushing. Being a performer has given me many opportunities to try things I always wanted to try, and has opened up my mind to even more fantasies and fetishes. I would say if I directed for a company, I would want to direct for a company that would allow me to release movies with all my different visions, or I would want to direct for a couple different companies; where I could express myself and my visions fully in each of the extremes for each company.

Would love to see Evil Angel grant Anikka her wish :)

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