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Percy Walker

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Posted - Mar 28 2004 : 5:10AM
Anyone know if these are actual (born) hermaphrodites or surgically altered? The box photo of the main person looks Photoshop altered to my eye but then I know no hermaphrodites. Somehow that face and those breasts don't match that penis. Thanks, percy

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Posted - Mar 28 2004 : 10:06AM
I couldn't get to the pics you put up, but I went to the home page of that site, did a search, and came up with two titles listed by Frank something. If the title you have on here is one of his two auctions, then we're talking about the same thing. If not, take this for what it is.

As far as I know, a real hermaphrodite's "penis" extends directly from the clitoris. I think that the clitoris and the penis begin life during gestation as the same piece of flesh, and it's a certain enzyme that tells that flesh to either become a clitoris or a penis. Also, the ovaries in a woman are the testicles on a man. The testicles actually fall through a hole, somewhere right around birth, and into the scrotum. That hole would be the vagina on a woman.

If you take a look at some of the "Big Clit" stuff around the net, and you happen to find one that's really huge, notice that it looks like a tiny penis when it's coaxed out of it's hood (or foreskin).

Also, look at some gender bending hentai. I've seen a couple of strange Japanese movies that involve a girl's clitoris being engorged/enlarged into a penis. I think they have the right idea about the anatomy of such things.

But, this is only my theory. I've done no medical research on the subject. All I know about anatomy is what 'BIO 101 for non-science majors' had to say a few years ago.

If anyone knows different, please respond. I'd hate to be spreading false info. Thanks.

Percy Walker

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Posted - Mar 29 2004 : 12:00AM
You found the right images. Thank you for making the effort. I do wonder if that woman in the photo is actually built that way or if the photo had extensive Photoshop enhancing. That penis is too long, thick, and hard, IMO, for anyone on hormone treatments or as a long clitoris that she was born with.

I have a friend also born like this. Her clit was about 4 inches long by the age of 9. Her parents put her through a series of surgeries to "correct" the clit and enlarge her very small vagina. She says it is still not very deep but happily her husband has a small penis, according to her, so everything fits. However, she still wishes her parents and the doctors had left her alone.

She is definitely a woman yet I see the male part clearly in her. She says far more people are born with parts of both sexes than I ever realized, about 1 out of 2000 births, I believe.


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self-removed user

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Posted - Mar 29 2004 : 12:35AM
A couple of links that may be of interest.

The word "hermaphrodite" is not politically correct nowadays. The preferred term is "intersexed person." I started to post about this on this thread and decided it was too far off topic and possibly not likely to be taken seriously in the context of a "she-male" porn discussion.

Also, here are a few statistics of interest regarding intersex. About one or two in 1,000 births receive surgery to "normalize" genital appearance. Personally, I find this appalling, especially when these "corrections" are performed on infants or children too young for consent, often leaving scars and reducing the capacity for pleasurable sexual sensations.

Anyhow, if you type the word "intersex" into a search engine, you will probably find much of the information you need.

Percy Walker

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Posted - Mar 29 2004 : 6:56AM
Thanks for correcting my stats, YogaGrrl. Mine were off by a factor of four! And I also appreciated being called on hermaphrodite. Nature is much more complex then most of us will ever grasp. Whether the person in the cover photo was born that way or wanted to become that way is not as important as the fact that they feel right being who they are.

After going back to read the old thread, it seems important that you point out the reality behind the fantasies. Certainly not OT.

And now back to our fantasies.


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