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Posted - Apr 4 2008 : 1:19PM
I´m curious how much material is taken during an average porn shoot. After all only the final stuff makes it onto a dvd and is cut and edited. How much time total does an average male/female setup have sex on the set before a shoot is complete ?
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Posted - Apr 4 2008 : 1:55PM
Can't remember which director said it in an interview, but he shot a scene until at least one tape was filled. From what I've seen, a lot of gonzo people use the Sony VX-1000 or the VX-2000. The length of recording time on DV tapes is between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Most DVDs have five scenes, and run times between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. So this guy would shoot at least five hours of action, and then edit at least half of it out.
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Posted - Apr 4 2008 : 2:35PM

The The wrote:
So this guy would shoot at least five hours of action, and then edit at least half of it out.
Which makes me wonder: What happens to all that unused footage? I'm sure there's a lot of good stuff, tossed out just because of some editor's arbitrary choice or time constraints or such. Do they sell it to 'Leisure Time' or websites or just discard it?
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Posted - Apr 4 2008 : 3:12PM
I'd have to say , (this is based on my experience and my opinion)the actual accumulative amount of sex may be an hour to an hour and half total for a regular scene/non-feature film/no real scripted dialog(sp?). The stop and go can be anywhere from 1hour-4hours depending on the male talent,the type of scene,etc. Female talent may be on set for 6 hours, but the female talent usually shows up,gets in make up,takes pretty girl stills,male talent shows up in the middle for the sex and stills,boom..the end.I can't think of a day where I was non-stop fucking for hours on end(on film:-)......Have a good one.

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Posted - Apr 6 2008 : 1:01PM
From what I've heard an average Gonzo type scene can take up to at least an hour and could go on up to two hours and beyond if the guy has trouble getting wood or "finishing".

I'm assuming most of the extra footage is just redundant and has cameramen in the shot or the director talking to the talent or the talent stopping to take a break if needed. I don't think it's anything great you're missing and nothing really that usable.

Today's sex scenes are much longer than they were in the old days. Whenever I watch something from the 70s or early 80s I'm shocked and annoyed how short the scenes were. Not to mention that about half the time you really couldn't see anything and it's sometimes clear that the sex was simulated. Those are the movies I'd like to see the unused footage to because what ended up on the scene back then wasn't much.

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