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Captain Jack
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Posted - Jul 12 2013 : 10:02PM
As most everyone has seen, I've done a few interviews for ADT. I have a few more coming up, I just have to nail them down. Some new girls, some girls who've been around for awhile and a legend or two.

My question is, are there any questions members of this forum would like me to ask? It doesn't have to be specific to any one star but a general question or general information you would like to know.

I want to present stuff that people want to read.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted - Jul 13 2013 : 3:23AM
1. Favorite scenes she's shot, and why?
2. Favorite performers to work with, and why?

The interviews you've posted so far have been fantastic, keep it up.


Chase Masterson "DS9"
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Posted - Jul 14 2013 : 2:11AM
Here are some questions I hope you ask the stars:
1- When you made the decision to get into the porn industry, who were some of the stars (male and female) that you wanted to be paired up with.
2- As of today, who are some of the stars (male and female) that you want to be paired up with that you haven't work with.
3- Has there been any scenes or porn acts that you refuse to do, but have been offered to do.
4- Have you gone to your agent, or contacted a director and asked if you could be cast in their series (such as Jonni Darkko seris SUCK ME DRY, or SUCK BALLS for example)
5- Do you take fans suggestions or comments here at ADT on what type of series or movie you should be cast in.
6- (this questions is for stars that are married), Have you ever role-played with your spouse a scene that you did.

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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Jul 14 2013 : 2:24AM
1. What aspects of the business have surprised you (in a good way)?
2. What aspects of the business have surprised you (in a bad way)?
Captain Jack
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Posted - Jul 14 2013 : 4:14AM
Thanks. Those are all good!

I was at Exxxotica Chicago earlier today and have leads for about 6-7 more interviews real soon. All the questions you suggested are good. I'll incorporate them.

H1gh Contra5t
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Posted - Jul 14 2013 : 8:24AM
Hi Jack, I've got a few questions too if it's not too late:

1 - Were you aware of the social stigma attached to performing in the porn industry and if so, did this influence your decision one way or the other?
2 - Some performers have stated that from a young age (as young as their early teens) that they knew they wanted to do porn. Did you decide early on this was what you wanted to do, and if so what experiences influenced your decision?
3 - Have you personally experienced any shattered illusions since performing in the industry which you initially believed were true when you started?
4 - What experiences do you think gave you the confidence to decide to enter an industry in the face of the stigma that has always been attached to it?
5 - What do you think are some of the biggest misinterpretations/preconceptions about the industry that you have learned not to be true since performing in the industry?
6 - Do you get more supportive/positive comments directed at you than negative/derogatory ones? How do you best handle the negative opinions directed at you?
7 - Do you think performers in general are more accepted or more frowned upon in the modern era, and what do you think has affected this either way?
8 - Based on your personal experiences, what key piece of advice could you give to an aspiring performer before they consider joining the industry?

Thanks in advance if any of these are included .

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