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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 7:39PM
AVN Edited to add: Randy Spears has set up a memorial fund to help the family cover funeral costs. You can contribute via Paypal to THESTUDIOSALON@AOL.COM.

Unfortunately there was no life insurance policy in place and little money to say goodbye properly. I am personally reaching out to all who may read this to consider sending a contribution to his wife and daughter. Money seems so insignificant a thing in the face of such tragedy, however, these fine people have none. I implore you from my heart to help me lay my friend to rest. He deserves that. I need your help, please. Contribute anything you can and what your heart feels. I will thank each and everyone of you personally. Please remember him with your generosity and in your prayers. Goodbye my friend, I love you. Respectfully, Randy Spears
There's more in this AVN article Edited by - Drew Black on Aug 29 2006
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 7:53PM
That's fuckin' harsh.
The buzz had not been good for a while. Very sad.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 7:57PM
My sincerest sympathies go to his wife and young daughter.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:04PM
this is very sad news :o(

condolences to his family :(

Jewel De'Nyle

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:14PM
Another one gone what's going on in this business? It's so sad we've seen so much death in the last year. I can hardly take it as it breaks my heart. I worked with Jon in an anabolic movie with Lex shot by Mike John and he was a great guy. I'm very sad for his wife and daughter she sounds like a sweet lady no one deserves this.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:23PM

JEWEL wrote:
Another one gone what's going on in this business? It's so sad we've seen so much death in the last year. I can hardly take it as it breaks my heart. I worked with Jon in an anabolic movie with Lex shot by Mike John and he was a great guy. I'm very sad for his wife and daughter she sounds like a sweet lady no one deserves this.

in the last calendar year there have been way to many performers passing away. I wish the depressed stars would have someone to talk to... maybe AIM??? i dont know. But it would be a good idea to help people who need it in the business.

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:25PM
It's heart breaking that he thought this was his only option.
my prayers go out to his family
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:27PM
That is just sad to hear. Damn. His friends and fans will miss him but I'm sure his family will miss him more.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:30PM
Damn, that's messed up. Feel really bad for his family.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:33PM
Seemed like a very genuine guy, whatever his demons were.
Impresario of the Inane

"Making Healthy Choices"
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:35PM
I remember seeing him and Everhard in some BTS footage in E Europe and JD seemed totally lost. I can't really explain it. Then there was the footage above mentioned filmed by Chico Wand where JD is sleeping in his car. Sad shit.

Professional Perverts
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:41PM
RIP Chet, great guy....
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It is what it is
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:46PM
Sad godspeed to his family in this time.


Tom Choad

Mug shot performance artist
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:47PM
I'm still in shock...Nuff' said
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 8:55PM
Devil's Advocate

Still stuck in hell's waiting room
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 9:01PM
Very sad news indeed.
Mike Quasar
Zero Tolerance

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 9:29PM
I'm not going to pretend that Chet and I were close but I first met him in 1990 on one of the first movies I ever worked on so technically I've known him for a long fucking time. When we started Zero he was in a lot of our initial productions and then he just sort of drifted away. I always sensed that he was a troubled guy. A feeling I also got from Cal Jammer years ago who took the same way out. It's so maddening when someone does this because one part of you is very sad and the other part is just angry. I hope he's found himself in a better place.

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 9:32PM

May you rest in peace, hopefully you can find that which you may not have found in life.

Condolences to the family.

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 9:41PM
Jon Dough R.I.P. may i express my sympathies to Monique DeMoan & their daughter.
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 10:35PM
Its so sad when these lost types leave a family behind.
Meat Popsicle

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 10:57PM
Evil Angel DVD

Patience is a virtue, but who wants to be virtuous?
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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 11:14PM
Jon was one of the nicest guys in the industry. He was also one of the most tortured. Such a perfectionist... always wanting more, never quite having it.

He had SO many friends, so many people who loved him and would have done anything for him. Yet somehow, it still wasn't enough.
Those of us who were lucky enough to have known him closely... well, we unfortunately probably aren't surprised by this. He was the troubling combination of being a great friend and a great loner at the same time. You could always tell that there was so much troubling him under the surface, yet no matter how much you'd want to help, it was never something that was meant to happen.

Jon, wherever he is, I hope he knows that we always loved him and always will.
My most sincere best wishes to Monique and their daughter.

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Posted - Aug 28 2006 : 11:20PM
I remember talking to Jon at an ADT Party. I was surprised how quiet he was.

He sure did his job well and was a pretty good Director also!

Jon, thanks for all you gave to this industry and RIP.



Tastes so good...
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 12:22AM
Very sad. My condolences to Monique, their daughter, and the rest of Jon's family. No parent should ever outlive their children.

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Chico Wang
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 12:28AM
The 'homeless' gimmick on video was just Chet and I fucking around when I was doing web stuff for Anabolic, before my directing gig.

He was always an amazing guy though he did have some demons like everyone does that seemingly controlled his mental stability from time to time. He was always a class act though and never went over the cliff until the stress overcame him.


nietzsche wrote:
I remember seeing him and Everhard in some BTS footage in E Europe and JD seemed totally lost. I can't really explain it. Then there was the footage above mentioned filmed by Chico Wand where JD is sleeping in his car. Sad shit.

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Good & Evil is merely a matter of perspective, I perfer to call myself... Determined
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 12:49AM
What a bummer. Jon was one of the earlier male performers who I actually knew by name. In an early episode of HBO's Real Sex, Sunset Thomas mentioned that she had a "Jon Dough Fetish". For some reason, that phrase has stuck with me. I've also been a big Sunset fan since that day.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 12:51AM
There's an old R&B song "Only the Strong Survive" and no where is this more true than in the porn biz.

I will say a pray for his family.

gia jordan
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 1:20AM
I was briefly introduced to Jon Dough once. He seemed serious yet down to earth and friendly. It seems he was well liked. Best wishes to his family and friends.
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mrbluelouboyle and Riley Steele
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 1:27AM
This is very sad news. He was a recognizable face among the many faceless male's in the business.



Ho ho hey?
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 1:34AM
RIP - I'm not sure who he is but it's sad for wife and family that is for sure.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 1:50AM
Sad to hear that. I send my condolences to his family and friends.
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Dominance & Persecution.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 2:18AM
I remember talking w/Chet whilst shooting 1 Pink #5, and we got on the subject of rockstars and dead anti-heros. that was where I learned both Chet and I had very similar issues w/addiction. Chet was my bro and one of the ONLY people I've met in XXX that wasnt some rat fuck son of a bitch lookin to rip you off or grift you into doing lame scenes for top cash. Chet ALWAYS stuck to his guns and didnt jive anyone. for that alone I will always commend him. this is real tough, I was down for Chet and still am, saying goodbye to him is fucking heavy,..

Chet bro, you were nothing but golden to me, and I know you loved your little girl and your lady. God love you Chet, Im gonna miss you, ~ T. Von Swine

mike hunt

LIVE from Sydney, Australia.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 2:34AM
Sad news....very sad indeed.
Master Bates

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 2:54AM
Terrible news, RIP Doughboy
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A welcome return to tradition
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 3:30AM
Ah, man. I feel so bad for Monique.
jake malone

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 3:36AM
So sad, so sad...we'll miss you Chet.

You know there were a LOT of people willing to help...but you just wouldn't let us.

May you find the peace that eluded you here.

Yankey Doodel

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 4:53AM
Wow, Jon Dough, I'm sorry to hear about that. He happened to be in most of the first bunch of pornos I owned, I thought he was capable of doing a good job at acting as well as sex. I always liked that there was a guy called Jon Dough, spelled like Dough, I've mentioned it to people in conversation before.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 5:02AM
I can only hope that those in the industry (the rest simply don't have the contacts) who said they would have been willing to help remember the family?
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 8:29AM
I am really sad about this, Jon seemed like a really good guy. My condolences for the family.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 8:39AM
Sad day....


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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 10:10AM
That's very, very sad.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 10:51AM
I have always liked Dough since the early days. Lately he had been one of the better POV shooters making notable entries like My First, Second, and Third POVs. He also shot Asian POV #2 for Devil's films. He was a major woodsman and always delivered a decent cumshot.

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 11:11AM
Sad news, my condolences to his family.
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 2:17PM
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 3:16PM

even though i didn´t know him personally ... my own experiences with depression and things like that have shown that most people are not looking for somebody to talk to. Maybe in the beginning ... but when things get worse (at least that´s what IMHO most people think) one usually talks to "himself/herself" . Too often the mind does "the talking" and the situation doesn´t get better from this. Of course i don´t know what happened that made him take that step ... but "outsiders" will never "understand" a step like this. A lot of people may have thought about suicide more than others and i envy anybody who has not. There are a "gazillion" reasons to do it ... but ... if you have a wife and a kid (and you are not having troubles with them) these "2 reasons" should be enough not to do it. I liked his performance almost every time ... especially when he came ( 6 to 8 shots of cum were the norm)



Brandon Iron

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 3:44PM
RIP. You are missed.
Extreme Associates

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 6:06PM
I must say that when my dear friend, Brian Surewood, called me and informed me of this news, it hit me as if I'd lost a family member. Although I never really knew Jon that well, (or Chet for that matter) and only met him a couple of times, he was a true legend and pioneer in this business, someone I've watched for many years and who no doubt has influenced so many of us in this business, from perfomers to directors, to producers, to fans...

Death is always a great reality check and it puts everything into its proper perpsective, especially this kind of death. What we think is important is really not.

There is no dignity in mortality.

I remember meeting Chet at an AA Meeting a couple years back with Jake Malone and Marianne Walters. I noticed a pain in his eyes, one that I'm well acquainted with.

My deepest regret was that I didn't reach out and try to help, even though my only acquaintance with him was through my friend Brian.

I was somewhat inimidated as, although I never dircted him in a scene and, again, never really knew him, he always struck me as being larger than life, a TRUE legend.

I also met his wife Monique at one of those AA meetings and she was so nice and, from my perspective, loved Chet very much.

When something like this happens, it really makes one think about the industry, how someone, so full of hope and talent-- a true pioneer and influence for so many years--is left penniless, sad, with a young child, a STAR who made hundreds of thousands of dollars for those he worked for, but allowed himself to succumnb to this tortuous place, from which there is no turning back.

We, like in all professions, sometimes get so caught up in our day to day melodramsa, we have this tendency to remove ourselves from the bigger picture--that of humanity, appreciation, and kindness.

Some we work for look at their inability at being able to buy their next Mercedes as being more important than reaching out a helping hand to those in need.

But how many Mercedes' do you need to get from Point A to Point B? Or for that matter, to prove your self-worth?

On some level, that is really what is wrong with this society and why man is so far away from ever even remotely touching that spirtual selflessness that somehow must be the reason we are all here.

It also makes me realize what a disease alcoholism and drug addiction are. We think they are our friends, but in truth they are our worst enemies, chipping away at our minds, bodies, and spirits, until we no longer can see the forest from the trees, until our sorrow defeats us and we surrender to our persecutors.

Monique, I am far from a rich man, but I will do everything in my power to help you financially. It's the least I can do in tribute to a man who gave so much to this business, to his friends, and to this world.

Money is nothing, merely an artificial status symbol, paper from a tree...but the beauty of love and compassion is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

Perhaps we all should re-think our priorities, establish a fund for all those in this business in need, and sometimes, instead of wondering how many units we may sell or how many awards we may win, remember that that human being sitting next to us is equally as valid you or I, regardless of his/her failings or imperfections... And, truth be told, the more those imperfections or failings may be, the more we should wrap our arms around them.

RIP, Chet. I hope you're in a better place. And only wish we could have done more to help you.

Thomas Zupko

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 6:18PM
Very Sad indeed R.I.P JD R.I.P...

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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 6:23PM
Rest In Peace
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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 8:27PM

zupko wrote:
I remember meeting Chet at an AA Meeting a couple years back with Jake Malone and Marianne Walters.

Ummmm, not to nitpick or anything, but doesn't one of those A's stand for Anonymous? Just checking.

I only met Jon at the ADT party two years ago. But my impression was that he was one of the good guys. I know that he will be missed.


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Posted - Aug 29 2006 : 8:31PM

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