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Posted - Aug 24 2004 : 10:22AM
Has she ever done it? I downloaded a clip where she takes a cock though I could not tell whether that's actually her (or stunt double) but it doesn't matter. The problem is I don't know what movie that's from. Does anyone recognize the movie by these stills? Probably some kind of Emanuelle only which one?
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Posted - Aug 24 2004 : 12:18PM
AFAIK Laura never did hardcore, but in some of her films there were some HC scenes added with a lookalike. I have never seen her face in those scenes or in the caps from them.


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Posted - Aug 24 2004 : 2:24PM
I have to agree with jacco - according to every interview I've seen/read with/about Laura Gemser, she has never done hardcore on film. These pictures appear to use a double. If you look closely at the first picture in the second row, the view of the breast does not look like one of Gemser's.

As for where this scene is from, I don't know. The man with her looks like Gabriel Tinti, but he has been in so many films with her that it doesn't narrow down the search by much.

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Posted - Aug 25 2004 : 4:25AM
My guess is that the stills are from
Emanuelle In America

If you ever find a complete uncut version, please let me know. It excist in so many cut version. Apprently the least cut version is a danish vhs which is only cut by 10 seconds (I got it)

And no - afaik she never did any hc.


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Posted - Aug 29 2004 : 5:00PM
Look, Blue Underground released a fully uncut DVD (region 1) of Emanuelle in America last year. You can get it at any number of online retailers, and I mean fondling and all!

Oh, and it looks amazing...the DVD, not the horse fondling!

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