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Posted - May 13 2010 : 8:13PM
anyone ever heard of this beauty? also known as ginger... http://www.spankwire.com/Lexy-shawn-gets-fucked/video210996/?utm_source=PBWebMedia&utm_medium=TubeTraffic
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Posted - May 14 2010 : 9:31AM
I've never heard of her or seen her before, but wow. She's practically got the Playboy body/face. Super hot girl. I found a thread somewhere else with links to the other sites she's been on. It also lists the two movies she was in.

Note that the whole "Lexy Shawn" thing is a misnomer. The opening credits of California Student Bodies 56 says "Lexy & Shawn". So Shawn is the guy's name. Anyway I guess it's as close as we're gonna get, as she seems to have only done two movies and those couple of web sites and nothing else. She's definitely worth checking out in any case.

Dr. P

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