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Posted - Jan 27 2004 : 6:15PM
I am starting a Max Hardcore collection and would like to know what are Max's most roughest and raunchiest scenes ever?
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Posted - Jan 27 2004 : 6:50PM
Can't steer you to any titles, but my brief visits to his website show that in recent times (past couple of years), he's gone WAY into the fringier acts: vomiting, mostly, and lots of urine, and scenes where the girl is "broken," begins crying and appears to be in severe distress. It's some of the sickest stuff I've ever seen -- makes Khan Tusion seem like the ice cream man. Maybe you can find the particular vision of hell you enjoy best and consult the online catalog. He's way overpriced, especially for the "forbidden" content, but you can cross-reference titles with other online retailers or just jot down the titles and hit 40-Deuce, where the shelves groan with the stuff.

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Posted - Jan 27 2004 : 8:20PM
Okay, you should perhaps look to his website, or try, which, sorry if wrong terminology, distributes his label's, Max Hardcore, products.

Other than that, I can't help you much, but a safe guess is that anything late 90's, on up, will be roughest.

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Posted - Jan 27 2004 : 10:20PM
The roughest scene that I have seen from Max, is in School Girls 15 (Euro version) where he slaps Gia Regency in the face multiple times till she starts a nose bleed. That was fucked up.

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Posted - Jan 28 2004 : 1:02AM
Ouch, after reading this thread -- I'm not going to go the "Max Hardcore" way in the future. Hearing about what he does makes my little friend go down -- what a turn-off.

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Posted - Jan 28 2004 : 1:34PM
I think you can only get the rough and tumble ones through a Euro distributor or access and pay for his website. Some of the roughiest and raunchiest ones I've seen or previewed was Catalina or Summer Luv puking all over each others faces while Max is either cumming or pissing on their faces at the same time. There's a point where some of the girls they're doing it to gets grossed out and cries. Surprising at first glance but know Max he'll come up with some other sick stuff. I don't mind the facial pissing but vomiting is a whole new thing for me.

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