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Posted - Jun 2 2003 : 12:27PM

NIGHT CALLS 411 HOSTESS GIVES THE 411 ! Nikki Nova Tells (almost) All on The Young and the Curious Source: KSEX News Letter By: Gene Ross (Original) Nikki Nova was a guest on Jason Sechrest's show, The Young and The Curious, Friday night. Nova recently took over Playboy TV's Night Calls 411 from Tera Patrick. Sechrest added his opinion, 'The fans' response to it has been absolutely incredible.' Sechrest also noted that Nova was also one of the world's most down-loaded nude models on the Internet, an appellation that would certainly make Danni Ashe drop her panties and fire rockets. Asked if she would assess her own tits in melon analogy, Nova wasn't sure that she would. 'I don't know. Let's just call them fun,' she said. Sechrest was curious why Nova has yet to take cock on camera. She said she has in home movies but it's a personal thing. 'I'm not really into sleeping with people that I'm not really totally into,' she said. Sechrest reminded her that's all changed that girls come up with who and who-not lists all the time. Nova still said it was a personal thing. Sechrest said with her body, it would be selfish not for Nova to share it with the world. Nova said it was her father that gave her, her first anatomy lesson. Was she was a little girl of about three. 'He actually taught me the human anatomy from a Playboy magazine,' she laughed. 'He was pointing to boobs and going 'breasts,' ' Nova explained. Sechrest said he wasn't teaching her. That's just the way he'd grunt monosyllabically when he saw the magazine. 'He'd point to the pussy and go ' v-a-g-i-n-a' ,' Nova added. Asked about her father, Nova said, 'There's not too much to tell; he's dead.' Nova said her father died when she was 11. Sechrest said it must have been trying for her particularly at that age. 'It sucks,' Nova agreed. 'He was murdered.' Nova discovered what happened listening to the radio on a Saturday morning. 'This isn't a very happy conversation,' she told Sechrest. Nova said no one in her family knew how to tell her since there had been three other deaths in her family, within a two month period. Nova said a lot of questions about her father's [he worked undercover for the government] death remained unanswered. 'Everybody knows who did it,' she said. 'It's just that it wasn't considered a murder- it's a long story and I really don't want to get into it.' As it affected her Nova said as a teenager growing up, she sought relationships with men going from one to another, to another. 'I didn't have a father figure because my step-father really didn't play that role. I was figuring out what makes me happy because we have our tastes in men and women according to the examples we have from our parents.' Nova's deflowerization was calculated, according to her and the guy was a little too hairy for a 19 year-old. Like way, way too hairy and pushing it.' Nova said she's never taken a guy's virginity and doesn't think she'd want to. 'It would last 20 seconds and not be gratifying.' [The new Playboy show] Nova said she was terrified her first show. 'Because I'm filling in for Tera Patrick who's a huge name.' Nova said she was sure that someone was going to call in an attempt to fuck her up. Nova said that she had actually gone to Patrick's house and Patrick gave her the blessing. 'She said, 'I can't do it any more,'' according to Nova. 'She was actually very cool about it. And I still talk to her quite a bit.'
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Posted - Jun 2 2003 : 5:20PM
Always liked Nikki Nova!

Her Boob job looks great!

She's ultra-gorgeous!

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