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Posted - Jan 23 2014 : 7:04PM
So I have been working my way through Playboy's Foursome 'Reality' TV Show. I have to say that, for the most part, I enjoy it. I love the premise, which is basically take 4 strangers (2 men, 2 women) and put them in a mansion for 24 hours, all the while arranging erotic activities to encourage them to hook up.

It has SO much potential, and some of the episodes are epic.

And others are so damn frustrating. There tend to be some patterns that happen frequently throughout the show:

Scenario 1: The Douchebag

--One of the guys is a total douchebag and none of the girls want anything to do with him. He ends up getting no tail out of the experience and leaves with a set of blue balls. At least the other guy usually scores with the chicks.

Scenario 2: The Dykes

--The girls on the show just want to play with each other and want nothing to do with the guys. WTF! I hate when this happens. Keep these bitches OFF THE SHOW!

Scenario 3: The Prude

--One of the girls is shy or uptight and just keeps to herself and doesn't want to play with the others. I wish they would keep these bitches from being on the show. They ruin it!

Scenario 4: The Pornstar

--One or both of the girls are either pornstars (e.g. Layla Rivera, Jackie Lin) and the other wants to be. These are the best episodes. Lots of gratuitous groping. Lots of sex, both girl-girl and boy-girl. Good vibe as long as the guys aren't douchebags.


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Posted - Jan 23 2014 : 7:54PM
Season 1, Episode 1 Review

Jason --decent looking guy with a good personality without being overbearing. Regular guy but fun.
Cyrus --pretty boy with no fucking personality. Brings the whole group down
Tawney --very hot girl with a smoking body, tight waste, big tits, tongue ring
Alyssa -- Pretty blonde, great body, big tits and a lower lip stud

The episode starts slow, with the participants eating sushi off a very hot girl who, unfortunately, is only partially naked. Both girls are smoking hot. They have fun personalities and took the lead with the guys when they head down to the pool.

Eventually Cyrus gets into it when all of them are naked in the pool but the girls have a fit because he tries to move too fast with them. Ultimately, he came across as a dick.

Very strange vibe, actually, because the girls got all upset about a little groping while they were all naked in a hot tub. Weird weird weird. Then awkward.

The couples go out on a date and start off doing some body painting. It's very erotic and everyone seems into it. Lots of making out and fondling. The girls seem to be ok with it now. Who can figure these bitches out?

Back at the house, there are strippers that do lapdances and both men and women are getting into it. Alyssa and Jason continue to hit it off. Jason's low-key but outgoing attitude is paying big dividends.

Cyrus feels up the stripper and she gets offended. Where the fuck did they get these chicks and why!? Ultimately Cyrus ended up looking creepy, but the girls were bitches, I thought.

Ultimately, Cyrus' persistance pays off. Props to that dude. Tawney takes a bath with him and he ends up fucking the shit out of her.

Jason and Alyssa, the two Texans, also end up fucking, with Jason cumming on Alyssa's face! All in all, a good finish to the episode!


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Posted - Jun 18 2014 : 1:50PM
This is my favorite show on PlayboyTV, along with SWING. I really like the setup, the production values on par with any high-profile reality show and how sometimes it has the girls performing "extra mile" like a non-nude model getting naked, a solo-only model eating some pussy, a lesbian-only pornstar eating dick or even a reality tv star getting fucked.

sinjin wrote:

Scenario 2: The Dykes
--The girls on the show just want to play with each other and want nothing to do with the guys. WTF! I hate when this happens. Keep these bitches OFF THE SHOW!

It's a bit of a downer because you feel teased. But personally I feel there should be some variety in the script, can't have them all devolve into orgies. And if I then manage to find the dick-hater's ID and even manage to catch a very rare B/G video she did under an alias, it's extra hot. A good example of that is Maria from S2E5.

I'm disappointed that they stopped making new episodes and then spent money making those awful "walk of shame" episodes. I understand they must be cheap to produce, but they're also useless and if they wanted to offer some comedy on pbtv then The Stash is actually funny and so were the softcore productions of Totally Busted and Canoga Park.

Also in my sig is a link to the ID thread of the show, I'll finish updating it soon, most of the contributions were happening on the equivalent freeones thread but the image host started deleting them.

Please ID these girls from PlayboyTV's Foursome show

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