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No New PostsLast Thing You Drank?
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For me a big bowl of tea with a slice of lemon.
Joey Starr1613986031Nov 27 2014 07:10:14 AM
by JulieMasonFOREVER
No New PostsThe last thing you ate?
Pages: 1 ... 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274
I had a small bowl of lentils. what about you?
ChodeMasterJ1366776656Nov 27 2014 07:09:54 AM
by JulieMasonFOREVER
No New PostsWhat Was The Last TV Show You Watched?
Pages: 1 2 3
There's a movie thread...a TV show on DVD thread...but no nightly TV show thread. So I guess this is it now. ----- Friday : Spartacus Season One...
Crucifixio_Jones1411150Nov 27 2014 07:05:31 AM
by Tmkowal
No New Postswhats the weather where you are?
Pages: 1 ... 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72
I'm trapped in my house and I feel cut off from the world. it seems like its been dark forever and i just checked and the schools are all still...
imak357223760Nov 27 2014 07:04:50 AM
by Tmkowal
No New PostsWhat Are You Wearing?
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Just kidding
saratoga1205524140Nov 27 2014 07:04:07 AM
by Tmkowal
No New PostsFirst Porn Crush.....
Pages: 1 2
______________ was the first porn gal to make me squirt with love. me: Annette Haven
Archibald57909Nov 27 2014 07:03:10 AM
by Tmkowal
No New PostsNovember '14: Last scene you jacked/jilled off to
Pages: 1 2
Aidra Fox - 'My GF's Niece Wants A Big Piece' (Brazzers - 27.09.14) I tried this on the basis of how many people have sung Aidra's praises on the...
H1gh Contra5t69609Nov 27 2014 04:31:18 AM
by Mister Fahrenheit
No New PostsDo you still have feelings for your first love?
If you first love walked into your life today do you think you would still have feelings for him or her? + Maybe / no
pornologist47700Nov 27 2014 02:59:32 AM
by Mister Fahrenheit
No New PostsMost significant invention of the last 50 years?
This one's probably been done. I'm not gonna split hairs with mine (because I'm a dummy). I'm just gonna say it has to be the personal computer....
RandomPrecision48692Nov 27 2014 02:33:51 AM
by charn
No New Postsmost intelligent pornstars
I realize that nobody really cares about a porn girl's intelligence, but I'm curious. For those who've followed the industry a while, who seems to...
delijoe112233Nov 27 2014 01:11:26 AM
by I Love Nicki Hunter
No New PostsTaylor Rain or Belle Knox
which one is better? Taylor Belle
Everett15208Nov 27 2014 01:02:30 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsApple stores, love them or hate them?
Joey Starr11104Nov 27 2014 01:02:28 AM
by Pieps
No New PostsTerrible commercial & great commercial
So, the Matthew McConaughey commercial in the car, trying to be all profound and deep and somber about something--I don't even hear the words. It's...
Pieps8120Nov 27 2014 12:56:09 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsWhat age did you give up wine coolers and Boone's?
That's Boone's Farms.
HeyNow18366Nov 27 2014 12:45:58 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsWorst President?
Pages: 1 2 3
Over the months I have seen people declare Bush to be the worst president ever. I don't agree, but this is not a pro-Bush post. Through the early...
Endorphin 105554Nov 27 2014 12:41:01 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsThanksgiving plans?
I'm going to go to my father's house and listen to him talk about his gout.
nietzsche32380Nov 27 2014 12:39:58 AM
by wahine
No New PostsThe Last Thing You Read On The Wall?
Burn down your local church , with the circle A symbol next to it.
Joey Starr440Nov 27 2014 12:33:47 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsStick or spray-on deodorant?
Also what brand. Spray-on for me.
Mister Fahrenheit522Nov 27 2014 12:25:38 AM
by Boogie With Stu
No New PostsPepsi or Coke?
Pages: 1 2
-lunacy-77975Nov 27 2014 12:25:11 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsHow old were you when you started to drive?
I didn't get my permit until I was 17 then got my license a week later. But my first time driving was when I was 13.
Coyote25402Nov 27 2014 12:23:18 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsSize of your monitor?
17 for the PC. 13 for the laptop.
ChodeMasterJ42644Nov 27 2014 12:20:47 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsPoll: have you ever broken any bones?
The recent poll about painful experiences got me thinking about this question. I myself once fractured my left arm pretty bad in a car crash. I...
Asmodeus46738Nov 27 2014 12:18:10 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsWhat is your IQ? p.jsp?sid=2973 supp=search_iq z= at the end just enter in false information. You don't need a legit email...
MASAMUNE29696Nov 27 2014 12:14:35 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsChristy Brinkley vs Elle Macpherson
I'm usually decisive and can split hairs with the best of them, but I have both of them as a dead tie and couldn't pick one.
BYOB_Kenobi21636Nov 27 2014 12:09:27 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsTerrible miscastings in mainstream movies
Pages: 1 2 3 4
List of leading or supporting roles in movies where you felt the casting director was clearly on drugs. My list: George Clooney as Batman
FallofBecause1662483Nov 27 2014 12:06:22 AM
by BYOB_Kenobi
No New PostsWorst Band Name
Pages: 1 2
Finally got around to renting 24 Hour Party People this weekend. A fine little movie (though it could have benefitted, given it's subject matter,...
ultradamno931489Nov 27 2014 12:00:26 AM
by Smiler Grogan
No New PostsWhat have you been doing today?
Pages: 1 ... 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
I am drafting a landing gear all day.
AlexPanzer349028616Nov 26 2014 09:18:36 PM
by wahine
No New PostsBrandi Edwards or Charlee Chase
Who is hotter ? Brandi Charlee
xheinrichzq761Nov 26 2014 09:09:23 PM
by Steve Smith
No New PostsWhat was the last non-porn movie you watched?
Pages: 1 ... 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197
Whether in theaters, on DVD, on television or whatever. Me, I got Bullet (1996) on as I'm typing this. It's pretty good. Mickey Rourke is tough....
XrickyromaX9833104289Nov 26 2014 09:03:36 PM
by wahine
No New PostsWho's Your Favorite Beatle?
John Paul George Ringo Lennon is a Musical Genius!
SyberScott22425Nov 26 2014 07:11:01 PM
by Painless
No New PostsWhat are you watching on TV right NOW!
Pages: 1 ... 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127
Actually I don't have a TV anymore but Internet TV is OK... At this very moment, I'm watching a live stream of ITV's coverage of the Malaysian...
Joey Starr634940003Nov 26 2014 04:52:11 PM
by Tmkowal
No New PostsDagny Taggart: Taylor Schilling or Samantha Mathis
A Tale of Two Dagnys...Taylor Schilling played Ms. Taggart in Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 , Samantha Mathis has taken over the role in the follow-up, due...
Roads To Moscow11736Nov 26 2014 04:49:24 PM
by Tmkowal
No New PostsAlma Mater Branded Stuff
For those of you who went to college ( university for Britinglish speakers), or were in the armed forces or some similar organization that now has...
jayo 14159Nov 26 2014 11:56:44 AM
by wahine
No New PostsThe Best Jessie/Jessi/Jesse
The highly competitive Jessie title is up for grabs. Any spelling that is phonetically equivalent is eligible. Jessica's are disqualified. Jassie,...
KinkWilliams643Nov 26 2014 08:54:30 AM
by ultradamno
No New PostsRATE MY PIC! 2015: Photo review thread (Suite 2)
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
To expand the capacity for pursuing RMP's 2015 Nude-Glamour Photo of the Year, Suite 2 is now ready to receive your best-of-the-web entries! May...
hawkeye jones2701676Nov 26 2014 07:38:54 AM
by hawkeye jones
No New PostsRATE MY PIC! 2015: Photo review thread (Suite 1)
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
The mission of RATE MY PIC (RMP) is to introduce and assess (i.e. rate) sexually-provocative, female-centric photographs for their overall visual...
hawkeye jones2972190Nov 26 2014 07:34:21 AM
by hawkeye jones
No New Posts2014 Nude-Glamour Photo of the Year! - BRONZE (C)
Pages: 1 2 3 4
Bronze Division Bracket C Round 1 Match 3 Poll duration: 10 days Alysha Whitney Westgate (pics below may require scrolling
hawkeye jones1661388Nov 26 2014 07:05:47 AM
by matchmaker
No New Posts2014 Nude-Glamour Photo of the Year! - BRONZE (B)
Pages: 1 2 3 4
Bronze Division Bracket B Round 1 Match 2 Poll duration: 10 days Andreja Karba Gisele Mermaid Tamara Bencsik
hawkeye jones1651384Nov 26 2014 07:04:11 AM
by matchmaker
No New Posts2014 Nude-Glamour Photo of the Year! - BRONZE (A)
Pages: 1 2 3 4
Welcome to RMP's 2014 Grand Tournament and Bronze Divisional Playoff! Now in its 5th season, Rate-My-Pic (RMP) is currently the only known voting...
hawkeye jones1751606Nov 26 2014 07:02:23 AM
by matchmaker
No New PostsName of your barbershop
I now at a few people the barber comes to their home, but a lott still visit a Barbershop. So what is it called. Here in Groningen I go too 2Gether...
wolvie6677246Nov 26 2014 04:46:35 AM
by Pieps
No New PostsFunniest misuse of a word -aka the 'granite' poll
Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
We've had some doozies. I'm naming this the 'Granite' poll because that one gets my vote. Granite - translates to granted Also in the running:...
tricia_devereaux75915328Nov 26 2014 01:04:43 AM
by alphadachs
No New PostsBest Burger Place?
Whether it's a national chain or a local Mom Pop joint. I always liked Fuddruckers burgers. Free fresh fixin's there. I like
SyberScott36590Nov 25 2014 10:07:01 PM
by trout bum
No New PostsWho's the sexiest/your favorite news anchorwoman?
CNN's Brooke Baldwin easily, for me. Pictures are not the best of her, but she is hotter than Hell, and cooler than Alaska! Watch her on at 2-4...
Blowbangfan16215Nov 25 2014 09:13:20 PM
by Jacco
No New PostsTatiana Maslany or Ksenia Solo?
Tatiana Maslany (of Orphan Black ) Ksenia Solo (of Lost Girl
White1970DodgeChallenger13216Nov 25 2014 05:11:18 PM
by Mister Fahrenheit
No New PostsDo You Care About Song Lyrics?
Sometimes I do, but the vast majority of the time, no. Music critics, like the ones at Pitchfork, tend to piss me off with their reviews and their...
Smiler Grogan1160Nov 25 2014 10:21:45 AM
by Kimi Lixx
No New Posts2014 RMP Photo of Year!: Wildcard Div. Finals
Welcome to the 2014 RMP Wildcard Finals! After painstakingly eliminating 60 contenders, we are now faced with choosing between the top 2 finishers,...
hawkeye jones785Nov 24 2014 01:00:21 PM
by Tmkowal
No New Postsdo u consider yourself liberal or conservative
Pages: 1 2
i say more liberal for me
jbeachboy981504Nov 24 2014 10:47:54 AM
by wahine
No New PostsSheridan Love or Summer Brielle?
Who's hotter, buxom brunette Goddess Sheridan, or busty blondette Goddess Summer? Let us decide together! If this is possible... Sheridan Love...
Blowbangfan563Nov 23 2014 11:48:12 PM
by misspornUSA
No New PostsAudrey Bitoni or Summr Brielle?
Who's hotter, Audrey or Summer? Pretty much a tie, but I'll pick one over the other, just for fun! Audrey Bitoni Summer Brielle So do you
Blowbangfan661Nov 23 2014 10:42:07 PM
by Myload
No New PostsDo You Hold A Grudge?
Against other posters. I don't regardless, one post might annoy the very next might be endearing.
Jonny Jay23447Nov 23 2014 12:38:55 PM
by Mister Fahrenheit
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