Pornstar $ rates...what are they?


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Posted - Mar 19 2005 : 12:29:00 AM
Does anybody have any solid factual idea about what the pornstars make for their services? For example does a pornstar make her $ per load in a multiple load cumshot swallowing flick? The latest numbers say straight sex with one partner is $900 and then they add on from that. Like anal, oral, swallowing, gang-bang, double vaginal, double anal, and now I thing there is even triple anal. If anybody could break down the numbers that would be great...perferably someone inside the industry. Blow me up Tom!
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Posted - Mar 19 2005 : 12:57:00 AM
This has been asked several times. Most studios or producers don't care to divulge their price structure. Do a search and you can find the threads.

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Posted - Mar 20 2005 : 04:47:00 PM
We are a producer of adult content. There are several reasons that it's hard to get an exact answer.

For one, pay rates are somewhat proprietary to studios. For another, rates are highly variable depending on the particular studio, the model in question, the experience and demand of the model, the type of shoot, and all that sort of thing.

In hetero porn, the female models typically make anywhere from $200 to $5000 per video. The low end is what an inexperienced model working for a small amateur studio at the very low end of the payscale might make. The high end is for a top, highly in-demand model. Of course, there are some very popular models that have individually negotiated deals, or get a % of the sales, that sort of thing... but those deals generally aren't disclosed to anyone. Also, some studios pay by the scene, while others do flat rate deals, and some also pay extra for boxcover photo shoots... so there are a lot of variables.

Male models in hetero porn typically get way less, because there are, quite frankly, about 3 bazillion guys that want to do hetero porn. I've seen studios that pay as little as $50 per scene to male models, and I rarely hear of a male hetero porn model earning more than perhaps $300-500 for a scene, other than for the handful of very well known and popular porn stars.

Male models in gay porn have similarly varying pay rates to female models in hetero porn. I've heard of small amateur studios paying $50 a scene, but most seem to pay $100-500, per shoot, depending on whether it's solo, 2 way, topping or bottoming, etc... while the very top players working for larger studios might get $2500-4000.

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Posted - Mar 20 2005 : 04:52:00 PM
You can find a lot of answers on 37 similar threads, as DD notes.

I hear $800 for a B/G scene is basic, with add-ons for various special acts and more partners. Top guys make $800 a scene as well. Budgets for a basic gonzo DVD with six scenes or whatever run around 20 grand, so just do some long division based on a recent cast list and that should give you some idea

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