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Prince Yahshua is Back and coming with a Vengence

Aryana Starr

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Posted - Oct 7 2010 : 10:50:45 PM
So its been a little bit over 2 months boy how does time fly. But for those who haven't heard already with Prince Yahshua being down caused by a freak accident on set, has made a full recovery. He just took his Aim test today and will begin shooting on Monday. He is still taking it slow and he feels that he isn't The Black Assassin just yet. But Knowing Prince his off day is still better than most. He had a great Doctor so thank you to Dr. Cosgrove at Encino Hospital who put this man penis back together damn near perfectly. He has had such a speedy recovery and has told me personally that he can't wait to perform again for his colleagues and fans. So stay tune for the return of Prince and to make sure you catch the Journey to his recovery on his site coming soon Now of course he would like to personally thank the people that have been there from the start and have helped us out tremendously in more ways than one: Jonni Darkko, CJ Wright, HJ, Billy Watson, and the biggest and greatest thanx to Elegant Angel. Thank all of you guys for believing in him would nobody else would. Silverback Ent Inc for lyfe and a Ethnic movement for the underground stars.


Update: Prince would like to thank all on this thread who have sent out some great comments on his recovery and return. He is doin great and have been goin hard on every set so far and it seems like he hasn't even missed a step. To all his fans and co-workers he would like to say thank you for your love and support, we at Silverback Ent appreciate it more than you know. To follow Prince, to learn how he is doin on set after recovery just go to his twitter @PrinceYahshua , to give you pics and updates on himself and his company Silverback Ent. Thank you to all and remember for all SilverBack Ent movies new and old got to . I will keep you posted on his recovery and all SilverBack Ent news.

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Posted - Oct 7 2010 : 11:00:27 PM
This is excellent news. I'm happy to hear Prince has recovered well. Let's hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again, to Prince or anyone else.
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Posted - Oct 8 2010 : 06:46:26 AM
Excellent news, indeed! Thanks for the update, Aryana!
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Posted - Oct 8 2010 : 07:16:32 AM
Great News
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Mean and Rude
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Posted - Oct 8 2010 : 10:42:02 AM
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Posted - Oct 8 2010 : 07:02:36 PM
Welcome back Prince!

Good luck man.

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Posted - Oct 9 2010 : 09:10:42 AM
Good news!

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Posted - Oct 9 2010 : 09:27:53 AM
Great thread title.
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Posted - Oct 17 2010 : 12:16:14 AM
Yey that was a horrid injure for a dude.
Great to see he is coming back. I read his twitter when it happened and he took it like a man and didn't blame the girl are get angry over what happened. A nice dude. I do think he will find it difficult trusting the crazy positions you porn people are asked to do though.

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Posted - Oct 18 2010 : 09:16:24 AM
Good news to hear him back, can't believe its been 2 months already since the accident, or at least since I saw the the thread on here.

Hopefully he will be back to his normal self when he performs.

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Posted - Oct 24 2010 : 12:56:35 PM
Great news
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Posted - Oct 24 2010 : 08:02:05 PM
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Posted - Nov 15 2010 : 02:27:51 PM
I'll never forget the first time I saw his "reverse pin move" on Isis Taylor. It's the kind of shit you talk about round a campfire, it was legendary. Good to hear he's back in the game.
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