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Posted - Aug 21 2006 : 10:24PM
I have two questions about the Private Castings Series directed by Pierre Woodman: 1) In many of these movies there is one scene that features a girl who claims to be a "virgin" getting de-flowered by a guy who I assume to be Pierre himself. I have never before even come close to believing a claim of virginity in porn films, however I must admit that the interviews proceeding these "virgin" sex scenes seem very authentic. The (Eastern European) girls seem so tentative, amateur, and even a bit scared that it makes me wonder whether at least some of them might be telling the truth. However, the biggest problem with the "virgin" issue are the sex scenes themselves. Pierre never has a hard time getting inside the young "virgins" and in fact actually proceeds to screw them harder and more forcefully (including anally)than most regular porn films. This is of course a good thing, but it also makes me suspect that the girls aren't virgins if they are willing to put up with such a pounding. At any rate, any insights on this? Is there any evidence that any of the girls in these films are actually Virgins? 2) Frequently throughout the interviews in the castings series, Woodman claims to have a special "system" for anal sex that allows girls who generally don't like anal to do it. What is this system? Did Woodman ever reveal it? Lastly, what do you think is the single best Castings Video and why? Thanks for any thoughts. Pierre Woodman
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Posted - Aug 21 2006 : 10:45PM

1) It's quite possible the girls have never had anal sex before, with forceful pounding due to 2) below, but certainly not regular sex virgins.

2) Woodman's trick is rumoured to be a combination of clitoral stimulation and a small amount of liquid local anesthetic (lidocaine?) applied to the anal area.

IMO the best casting video is Bagheera in #7. She's quite the feisty one, in addition to being ultrahot, and they both speak the same language, so you get quite an interesting verbal dogfight before she eventually gives in.

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Posted - Aug 22 2006 : 12:23AM
I think this sort of question should go in the FAQ, as it gets asked frequently here by the new posters :)

1) virgin or not, who knows for a fact? I consider this series to be my all time favorite. Some of the girls that claim they are virgins sure come across as one, the youth, the look, the shyness, the inexperience, the screaming. And I buy into it knowing that this is porn, just like when you go watch a movie in a theatre, you buy into the character that an actor portrays otherwise you wouldn't enjoy it. So true or not is not important to me, the fact is, the girls come across as so and that is good enough for me.

2)His special system is just like what kafka mentioned, lube and clitoral stimulation. I suppose the lube though is more than your regular KY Jelly, it probably numbs the anal cavity for less painful entry.

3) best single casting video, I can't say which one is the best, but out of the 64 volumes, the following are in my top 15:

#3 Nikki Anderson
#15 Anita Farkas
#20 Viktoria
#24 Krisztina Bella
#25 Suzanna Wienold
#28 Sunny Blue
#30 Lilou
#35 Rebecca
#36 Angel
#40 Alicia
#42 Rachel
#43 Alexa May
#51 Yasmine Fitzgerald
#60 Agota
#64 Aisha

check out this site for in depth details about this series:

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Posted - Aug 22 2006 : 10:59PM
1) What a cynic you are, kafka.
2) I also thought he presses nerves together through the anal and vaginal walls--some ancient Chinese trick his grandfather taught him.
3) Wonderful list from the original (and still faithful!) Castings man.
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Posted - Aug 23 2006 : 12:37AM
One man's cynic is another man's realist.

Besides, if you wanted to find girls that age that were virgins, you would have to get girls fresh out of the convent. (If I was really a cynic, I would say you would have to find girls without fathers or brothers).

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