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Posted - Mar 20 2003 : 6:51PM
I've watched a lot of "softcore" versions of movies on the Spice or Playboy Channel. One question always comes to mind - why don't they show the hardcore version instead? In speaking with all of my friends who have watched these movies, all seem to agree that they'd rather watch the hardcore version. The softcore versions are so close to the hardcore versions (sans insertions and cumshots) that I can't image how a person who would willingly watch the softcore movie would be offended by the hardcore version. What are your thoughts?
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Posted - Mar 20 2003 : 7:48PM
Welcome macko!

" why don't they show the hardcore version instead? "

I don't think it's that simple, there are legal and/or FCC issues involved, although I'm interested to know more about it myself. It's difficult to find information on these things.

There ARE channels that show unedited XXX hardcore, such as Extasy, True Blue, and Gonzo X, but most of them you can only get with a big satellite dish.

Playboy seems to have a "no dick" policy, where Spice will show dick but no cumshots. Then Showtime has their own softcore policy, which also precludes penises.

I always laugh when I imagine a bunch of suits sitting around in a boardroom making these decisions.





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Posted - Mar 21 2003 : 12:30AM
Very nice chart! Are you sure you are not a corporate type? LOL. Hopefully this will change....take a peek at the Pron Mainstream topic in the General category.

Ms Christine & JC, the first couple of adult review.

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Posted - Mar 21 2003 : 12:33AM
The Playboy Channel DOES show hardcore movies. Usually after midnight. Cumshots are still omitted, though.

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Posted - Mar 21 2003 : 9:04AM
I think softcore has its place. I have a lot of readers who are constantly seeking recommendations for couples movies or movies that are not quite so graphic.

Sometimes it's to introduce a newbie girlfriend or wife to the world of erotica, sometimes it's just simply a preference. Some people are turned off by the gratiutious closeups and some of the fetish type films and want a love story with hard core sex in it or simulated hard core sex.

As for Playboy TV, they're showing a "Director's Cut" series weeknights at 11 p.m., except for Wednesday's when "Night Calls" or "Night Calls 411 Live" airs. Those are original programs hosted by Juli Ashton (Night Calls) and Crystal Knight (411 Live), where callers can interact with girls who are generally groping all over themselves.

Sometimes it can get kind of hot, though allowing some hardcore on those programs would probably send ratings through the roof.


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Posted - Mar 21 2003 : 1:14PM
Lonborg is right, Playboy does show hardcore after 11pm...but no cumshots or anal. It's almost as good as XXX hardcore, though.
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Posted - Mar 21 2003 : 6:49PM
i have an experience of watching a penetration-less xxx movie once, which pretty much relates to this topic. It was 4 years ago or st, I was in London & bought "Backfield in MOtion" an interracial movie from Video Team (w.the loooovely Lana Sands) & when i came back to France I realized UK laws didn't allow the displaying of male genitals & therefore any penetration shot (at least at the time as uk laws have changed 2 yrs ago).
I was left with an all-sex wall-to-wall porn movie where all the crusty bits were cut. WELL, guess what, I found it strangely arousing. To this day, I still can't tell why. Basically, i think it was because i knew the performers were really going at it but the evidence always evaded me. I'm not sure I'd even want to see the unedited version, because it certainly wouldn't measure up to the limitless extravagance of my imagination.

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Posted - Mar 29 2003 : 5:02PM
@Macko...what is irritating is when Playboy shows a soft version, then doesn't screen the hard version at all.
One is left hanging in the wind.
My only solution is go out and buy the DVD. I'm always left itching to see what was cut out!
Regards, Rump.
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Posted - Mar 29 2003 : 5:04PM
PS. I prefer hard stuff without the cum shots.
Showing some dude shoot his load over a chick's face does nothing for me.

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