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Scenes in which the man nuts at least twice

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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 06:04:21 AM
Do you know hot scenes in which the male performer takes a real pleasure to fuck his partner(s) and nuts at least twice ? Edited by - snake222 on May 6 2006

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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 08:13:12 AM
Look at Lex Steele's scenes. He does it sometimes. Finishes too soon then straight on for more. Lex and Anna Nova (Heavy Metal) if I'm not mistaken.
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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 08:37:02 AM
Sport Fucking 4

great scene by Manuel Ferrara vs. Penny Flame... excellent chemistry, heat


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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 12:39:24 PM
The first scene in Seymore's Tampa Tushy Fest the actor (Paul?) cums at leat three times.


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vodka tonic
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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 02:45:42 PM
I just wanted to say I love the term "to nut" and will use in future reviews
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Cleetus VanDamme
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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 02:56:24 PM
Mr.Marcus does this a lot but I can't remember the scenes off the top of my head. I like that too makes the sex seem mopre spontaneous and interesting to me.
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Posted - Jan 17 2006 : 03:35:11 PM
Juli Ashton and Sean Michaels in Essentially Juli.
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Posted - Jan 18 2006 : 12:18:47 PM
Tyce Bune is famous for multiple semen sprays. Just about all of his scenes show more than 1 pop shot.

One from many years ago I remember is from ASS. That stood for Anal Security Squad and John Leslie, who was a pretty good actor way back then, was fucking Marlene Bond in one of the few non-anal scenes in the movie. John was so into the sex that he pulled out, sprayed her belly, re-inserted, and was off to the races again. He came again and later on mentioned that he was completely lost in lust and forgot about the camera and just wanted to pound her poon. He said that it was one of the few times in his life when he came more than once.

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Posted - Jan 18 2006 : 12:56:30 PM
This is very common in the "Down The Hatch" (Diabolic) and the "No Cum Dodging Allowed" (RLD) series.
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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 10:40:42 AM
Very hot scene in Vivid's Tonight where Mark Davis fucks Devon and cums and then continues fucking Cassidey and cumming again. Although I would always cum when fucking the gorgeous Cassidey..
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Sheik Yerbouti

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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 11:10:11 AM
I remember a lot of the earlier versions of Perverted Point of View from Diabolic. When Mike John was shooting he would pop twice all the time.
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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 11:47:22 AM

Sheik Yerbouti wrote:
I remember a lot of the earlier versions of Perverted Point of View from Diabolic. When Mike John was shooting he would pop twice all the time.

In the first scene of the first Perverted Point Of View, Mike is doing Justine Romee and blows at least 3 loads during the scene.

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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 12:22:22 PM
Mandingo with Kayla Marie in Once You Go Black 3. Classic scene.
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Gentleman Jon
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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 12:30:15 PM
Kyle Stone with Cherry Rain in Barefoot Confidential 22.
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John Knowles
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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 12:54:24 PM
Jon Dough does it in the first scene of our new title Interracial Anal Creampie 2. I know he has done it a couple of times is some of his movies also!


NJ Films Inc

Edited by - John Knowles on 1/19/2006 1:42:07 PM

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Posted - Jan 19 2006 : 03:03:39 PM
And I thought nuts means to crush them accidentally.

Isn't withholding during bj and cuming in little doses something like that?

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Penny for your thoughts?
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Posted - Jan 20 2006 : 03:53:37 PM
In the movie Shane's World, College Guide to Get More Pussy, Kinzie Kenner is getting banged, when the guy nuts on her ass, then continues to pound her for a bit till he pops another load on her tits. Great scene with Kinzie looking gorgeous as ever!!

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Posted - May 7 2006 : 12:02:49 AM
Back in the day (the 1980s), John Leslie was fucking (underage?) porn cutie pie Nikki Charm and was feeling it so much that after he popped, and she (and the director) thought the scene was over, he grabbed her butt (they were in doggie position), pulled her back onto his dick and fucked her another five minutes or so until he came again.

It was obvious that Nikki was surprised that John was up for an immediate repeat, but when he grabbed her, saying "I'm not through with you yet" it was as real as it gets. I can't remember the name of the sexvid, but it also featured Britnity Stryker in one of her few porn appearances.

Also, I remember an old Bruce Seven sexvid with TT Boy fucking Jill Kelly while about six other girls get it on together in the same room. Eventually, TT takes on some of the other girls, that included Kylie Ireland (an anal), Sindee Coxx, Careena Collins, and came at least twice before the scene was over.

Remember this was the "old days" before the little blue pill, or needles, to keep a stud hard!

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kylie ireland

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Posted - May 7 2006 : 01:26:54 AM
In the Whore Next Door in the gangbang Steve Holmes came on my face then after the other guys had also come on my face he came back and gave me a second load.

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Drop a load
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Posted - May 7 2006 : 02:34:40 AM
steve holmes and Alberto Rey seem to do it a lot
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Posted - May 7 2006 : 08:41:45 AM
Has Peter North ever cum twice in a scene?
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Posted - May 7 2006 : 09:55:31 PM
If you have a thing for asians, I highly recommend Lexington Steele's scene with Mika Tan in Silverback Attack Vol. 1. He actually shot off his massive load three times (if you look carefully); two of them are quite obvious and the other one occurs when he slaps his rod on her pu**y in order to refrain from busting his nut, but it happens anyway. Great scene.

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Posted - May 7 2006 : 10:34:55 PM
The first scene in Ass Brand New #2 with Pason and Alberto Rey has a nice double cum shot. He cums on her face and then fucks her ass for a minute or two until he cums again. It is a great scene.
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Sex Object by Proxy

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Posted - May 7 2006 : 10:46:03 PM
Is throwing a male performer's name out there, without specifically listing a scene, what the original poster asked for? No, it is not.

Here are two hot scenes that I can think of off the top of my head:

Manuel Ferrara w/ Tiffany Mynx in Anal Romance 2. This one's really hot.
Manuel Ferrara w/ Riley Brooks in Fuck Dolls 4 This one's pretty hot.

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Posted - May 8 2006 : 10:49:23 PM

daredevil2025 wrote:
In the movie Shane's World, College Guide to Get More Pussy, Kinzie Kenner is getting banged, when the guy nuts on her ass, then continues to pound her for a bit till he pops another load on her tits.

Yeah, that's a great scene. I don't think the guy even wanted to cum the first time -- he just didn't pull out until it was too late -- he smacked his cock on her as a few times and slowly unloaded on her back without any of the usual melodrama you see in porn (and he didn't have to jerk off) -- then shoved it back in like nothing happened. And he was fucking her pussy GOOD both before and after he came... seriously hot stuff.

I'll suggest one of my favorites: Anal POV 2 -- Erik Everhard can't take any more of Angel Dark, shoot his load early, and then nuts again at the end.

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Posted - May 9 2006 : 12:20:39 AM
Although it was a lousy scene because Mandingo was in it, he did nut twice in the scene with him and Kayla Marie in Once You Go Black 3.
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Posted - May 21 2006 : 06:06:12 AM
phatty girls 2, Justin Slayer pops twice with Ayana Angel. She's never looked better than she has in that scene, and she came in it too.
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Posted - May 21 2006 : 12:44:19 PM
just watched Mr Pete is Unleashed 8

He fucks Jessi Summers(hot!!) for quite a while and cums twice. Great thing is, is that right after the facial, she lightly cleans off his cock with her toungue and they go back to fucking.

Real cool part in that movie.

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Posted - May 23 2006 : 03:13:32 PM
yes, almost every scene that pairs Paul Cox with Montana Gunn. Don't know if Paul is the same Paul Peopeo is referring to in his earlier post. Paul & Montana scene in "Squirt Gunn" from Gentlemen's Video/DVD without camera cut is plum example.
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Posted - May 23 2006 : 10:26:11 PM
Steve Holmes (w/David Perry) pops twice in a great scene with SHARKA BLUE!!!

Just watching Sharka has already caused me to pop several times.

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Posted - May 24 2006 : 04:32:05 PM
Try Double Decker Sandwich 5 and 6. Both scenes are with Chris Charming. I know in number 6 it has vanessa blue and jada fire. Also check out Chris Charming's scene with Mia Bangg in Drive Thru 4.
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Posted - Jul 23 2014 : 09:22:38 PM
Hey there,

i know this thread is pretty old, but I didn't want to start a new one because the topic's exactly what I was looking for.
I was searching for scenes where the guy at least nuts twice.

And yes I know there's already this thread Scenes where the guy nuts and resumes fucking , but this thread is especially dedicated to "resuming fucking" right after the cumshot.

I'm searching for any scenes the guy pops twice, doesn't have to be with resuming fucking. And I am sure there are a lot so pleae name your favourites

The latest I have seen (It's a little old but hot) is with Jasmine Caro in Bangbros Chongas (recommendable)

Hope you guys can name a few of ya favs

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Posted - Aug 16 2014 : 12:04:50 PM
Ryan Madison does it often and they are internal, too. I love the close ups with him on top and fucking like hell and then you can watch his cock pump that pussy full of cum and go right back to fucking. I've seen him cum three times. It was glorious!
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