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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 8:12AM
I recently rented a video called Sex Underwater #5 had some really hot scenes..including a really hot double bj..which are my fav scnes as you know if you've read my posts. Anyway, although that scene(and the others) were really erotic and hot and I've often had fantasies about sex in a pool/hot tub/ocean/jacuzzi,etc ..i wonder about how this type of sex really it extremely difficult to get and stay hard in the water ..even w/2 beautiful girs sucking your cock ? Is this a different or possibly even better sexual sensation than reg sex ? If you've seen some really erotic underwater scenes, list them here or more specifically I'd rather hear from people who have actually experienced this ....looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts James

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 8:43AM
There's some great underwater action in Rocco Meats Suzie.

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 10:12AM
I haven't found it any more difficult to get hard underwater, or stay hard for that matter. The real problem we experience is that the water in the pool tends to mix with or dissolve the vaginal secretions so you don't slide in/out as easily. Probably has to do with the type of water in the pool. Otherwise the buoyancy can be quite liberating! But better sex? Ehhh.. Probably not.

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 11:42AM
Only underwater scene I can think of right now was in Pixie's Let's Get Wet , which was okay. Not great, not bad, but a very nice attempt as memory serves.

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 1:16PM
As for scenes with underwater sex, Oriental Dream has a couple of very interesting titles called Aqua Sex 1, Aqua Sex 2, and Scuba Sex.

Personally, I used to have a girlfriend who was interested in the idea of having sex in public, but was terrified of getting caught. The solution to the dilemma came on a trip to Hilton Head Island which has a beach with a very gentle slope. That makes it really easy to get in the water and go out a long way into the ocean (away from prying eyes) while still maintaining your footing. She was thrilled with this discovery and we ended up neck deep in the ocean a lot over the next 4 or 5 days going at it like rabbits. The sex was pretty hot, but I think it was more attributable to my girlfriend's excitement over doing it in public than to doing it in the ocean. I agree with darkangel though, lubrication can be a problem in these scenarios.

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 10:51PM
Lure of the Triangle is supposed to have some excellent underwater scenes. I haven't seen it though so I can't verify that.

I've found that the temperature of the water can affect the ability to stay hard. There is a lake up in Maine where I've had plenty of fun, but some days the water had just enough of a chill that I had a problem keeping an erection. Hot tub, no problem with the erection. I had more problems with the lubrication in the hot tub than the lake. As for it being more or less erotic. That's all in the mood. If both of you are into it, you'll probably have a great time. If you are and she isn't, it probably won't be as satisfying as having sex where both of you are into it.

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Posted - Nov 5 2004 : 11:05PM
There is a Hot Video (French magazine) produced underwater sex DVD, title is "Scuba sex" and Orgazmik has it.

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