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Shelby Stevens
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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 5:39AM
anybody knows what happened to shelby stevens... that girl was great in lesbian scens....any clue anyone?
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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 7:22AM
I believe she's working as a makeup artist. She's had a couple of non-sex roles in Wicked features. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Cupid's Arrow.
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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 10:24AM
That was one sexy blonde woman. I wish she had done more work. Good to know that she is still related to the industry.
tina tyler
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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 2:42PM
Shelby is now one of the most sought after make-up mavens in the business. She's not only doing well, but is very happy.


monkey power
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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 8:13PM
I've learned to respect her abilities.
Sometiems a girl will really be turning me on and I won't know why.
Then I'll see Shelby's name in the credits and it hits me that I liked the girl's look so much because Stevens made her up to look like HERSELF. Like an echo of how she used to do her own hair and makeup. It's a deja vu -ish effect.

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Posted - Apr 21 2004 : 8:55PM
Hell yeah, I remember her. In fact, I met her at RED HOT VIDEO in Studio city and got my picture taken with her when I was 16. I got that picture on my wall.
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