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Posted - Jun 19 2014 : 8:14PM
Hello members,

I am a new adult movie producer with plenty of mainstream movie production experience based in LA and I am planning to shoot a movie in Eastern Europe.
I appreciate any help with the following questions.

1. Which country is the friendliest to shooting porn?
2. Which country has the best talent pool?
3. What are the average rates (per scene, day) for talent?
4. How professional are they?
5. Rates for DP, lighting, electrical, grip crew?
6. Equipment rental?
7. Talent agencies?
8. Safety (considering shooting porn)?
9. Is there any savings by going to Eastern Europe keeping the quality the same VS producing in Los Angels?

I understand these are general questions and so many variables are involved.
I would like to know about your shooting experience in that region if you have any.

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Posted - Jun 20 2014 : 7:11AM

I'd say that the biggest advantage of shooting a porn movie in Eastern Europe as opposed to USA is that you don't have to deal with US travel restrictions for foreigners, who want to work in USA.

There are no restrictions for US citizens travelling to Europe to create work for Europeans, but Europeans going to USA to do some work in USA can be a big problem. Because foreign employers are usually welcomed, but foreign workers are often shunned, banned, and excluded in most countries, including USA.

I don't know much about making porn movies in Eastern Europe. But making such movies is probably easiest in countries where prostitution is legalized. Because porn-making is having sex for money and filming it too. In USA, porn-making isn't considered prostitution. But this is just legal hair-splitting and a legal loophole allowed by US politicians for business purposes. Governments in other countries might not see it this way.

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Posted - Jun 22 2014 : 2:14PM
russia was good but its outlawed now. prague and Budapest are great. brill is a good agency. do u want to bring American actors? like the guy performers
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Posted - Jun 30 2014 : 11:54AM
Yep, Prague and Budapest are the best. Both have established agency's who also organize locations etc if needed. Dunno about prices thought.
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Posted - Aug 26 2014 : 12:18PM
I love Prague and Budapest, beautiful cities full of beautiful girls!
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Posted - Sep 8 2014 : 10:20PM
Prague is the capital of good pussy!
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Posted - Sep 9 2014 : 3:21AM
Put Bucarest (Romania) in your list. There are many talented Romanian girls. They are by nature very hot. Trust me I know.... :)

I would also to check France. The rates should be higher but there are a lot of talent there... also.

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Posted - Sep 9 2014 : 3:24AM
In other periods I would suggest Ukraine also... but now is not that easy... though not impossible.

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Posted - Sep 10 2014 : 11:56AM
Hungarian girls are hot too
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Posted - Sep 13 2014 : 7:10AM
I think most of us here can't really help the OP since we're not in the business. You don't see any of the professionals in the business jumping into this thread. There aren't many (if any) U.S. guys going to Eastern Europe other than to buy content that's repackaged and sold here.
I think that wellspring of going and shooting has pretty much dried up. I think the OP's best chance of getting actual useful information is talking with local porn professionals that have recent first-hand knowledge. I believe Porno Dan was there not too long ago. Maybe you can go to the January adult video convention in Vegas and try and network with companies/professionals, although I'm not sure they would want to help a newbie and not get anything out of it themselves. If you could hook up with somebody who knows actual reliable contacts, etc. it'd be a big help. The business is in a poor way right now. I'm speaking strictly as a fan, so I could be completely off-base, but if things were better I think we'd be seeing locals shooting over there.
Porno Dan
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Posted - Oct 10 2014 : 3:14AM

Yes, I do shoot there but the days of being able to shoot for lower rates than the States are long over

Unless you are shooting for the fun of it I wouldn't recommend anyone get into porn these days, without an already established web presence you will lose a ton of money

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