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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 10:37AM
Hi guys, From reading many of the posts today i can see there are some Porn film experts out there. I'm looking for some really extreme sex scenes. I don't care what they are specifically but have you any suggestions? Thanks

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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 10:57AM
You've opened up the flood gates now!

Seriously though you'll have to be more specific on what type of extreme you're looking for? - boy/girl, girl/girl, orgy, blow jobs, gagging, slapping, ATM, DAP's, bukakke, S/M, fetish, GS, European stuff illegal in US, etc??

Once you narrow your question the answers will come. ADT has posters into all genres.


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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 11:51AM
some Slap Happy scenes, where pretty girls got hit in the face and puked over all over the camera.
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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 11:58AM
well, as always I´d say: it depends on your taste.

right now my personal faves are to find at:


a great website from eastern europe that shows some very nasty stuff. maybe you want to check it out. i did and now i am hooked up....... :-)))

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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 12:17PM
What's 'GS'?
Erm, to be more specific then, i think i'd like more info on the following:

Bukkake, rough sex and any anal scene. Which are the most extreme scenes. But really i'm open mineded to all genres. Enlighten me!
Can you get Slap happy on dvd? i've downloaded a few scenes. I'm from England and you can seem to order as much online as you can from the states etc.



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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 12:20PM
any good FREE websites out there for extreme stuff?


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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 12:36PM
"GS" is Golden Showers (pissing)



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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 2:17PM

glen73 wrote:
From reading many of the posts today i can see there are some Porn film experts out there.

Some? There are quite a few "experts" here, and while I can't claim to be one, I can give you some suggestions, many of are mentioned, or will be...

So, it's extreme stuff, I'd say to try Max Hardcore, I, personally haven't seen a thing from him in a very long time, but looking at the trailers on his website, I've got to say that it doesn't get much more extreme than that, or does it?

Mason's work with Elegant Angel and Platinum X is sure to be on the extreme side of things, though I've only seen, and reviewed two of directorial efforts.

Joey Silvera's work can be extreme, but a fun extreme.

Like I said, I'm no expert, but the above three directors might have something you're looking for.

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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 7:10PM
Perhps something directed by Mason....


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Posted - Feb 21 2004 : 11:13PM
Ladies first:
Mason (Elegant Angel & Platinum)
Kym Wilde (Redboard & whippedass.com)
Careena Collins & Master Kane (private videos)
MarieMadison.com (excellent production values)
Jamie Gillis (private videos)
Max Hardcore (euro versions @ jadedvideo.com)
Kahn Tusion (websites + Anabolic Rough Sex 1 & 2 OOP)
Rob Black (federal five + "Alek James Hidell" ;-) Slaphappy)
Scatmovies.com (self explanatory)
lovelot.com (scat, puke, etc)
rowal.com (european extreme)
Subway Prodactions (scat, piss, minor rough, crazy)
GernamGooGirls.com (John Thompson euro bukakke & extreme)
666bukakke.com (sperm & piss)
HWVmedia.com (euro scat & extreme)
Xtremepain.com (euro BDSM)
Torturegalaxy.com (euro BDSM)
Beckysdungeon.com (euro BDSM)
paintoy.com (BDSM)
Enough for now ...
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