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seika izumi
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Posted - Nov 17 2004 : 10:22PM
Some of my favorite movies are really sick to most people. In fact, they are some of the most extreme movies ever made probably. Most of them are made in japan though. DREI FAUSTE IM ARSCH I saw this movie in AVI posted in a newsgroup when I was younger. I saw a fisting scene and then was shocked to realize it was a MAN being fisted. ugh! Still, the rest of the movie was good and I ended up buying the retail version (it was just clips I saw). I haven't seen a fisting movie top this. It has the best fisting scenes ever and a real shocker of a scene at the end. Two women fisting a transexual..three fists in the ass. ugh. I couldn't believe my eyes. SEMEN MANIAC 1 How could such a cute and innocent looking girl be in such a movie? Fans of bukkake write in to ask this famous AV star (nanami nanase) to perform their requests. First she is tied up and a bunch of men cum in her eyes, nose and ears! The even stick a cum funnel in her nose! In case you're wondering, she's not in pain and it's not as bad as it sounds. I hope I don't get banned or have this post deleted for being too sick but..later on a whole glass of cum is poured into her "pee-hole". She pisses it all out into a glass an then drinks it ALL. There is a food eating scene featuring human sperm. At the very end she is held upside down for a bondage + bukkake scene. Sure, she's uncomfortable but it's not torture or anything like that. Milky Cat MC-10 Another sick one. This one features Nanami Kurasawa (who sadly, recently comitted suicide) in one of her best movies. For one scene she wears swimming goggles over her eyes with the glass removed. Then dozens and dozens of men cum in it while it's over her eyes! At the end she is sitting in a small pool in a school uniform (she's over 18) and everyone pisses on her. Heavy Torment Ecstasy I don't know the real name of this movie. It's a good one. I won't describe each scene, but most people who aren't into bondage want to hear about it. In one scene the woman is lifted off the ground by her breasts! No, they don't turn purple and this woman has done this more than once in other movies. Later on she is suspended entirely by hope and a bunch of clothespins are whipped off her. I think this movie is nearly impossible to find now. Kitan made it years ago. A similar breast suspension scene can be found in Cinemagic CS-115. Das Grosse Pissen One of 666's best films. The best scene has Lynn with a HUGE funnel over her head! I bet you can imagine what they do next. Every scene is good. This one is just as good as LOS! PISS! AB! I think. Check out the boxcover (it's a link to the cart too, so i'm not trying to steal their bandwith!): http://www.erodvd.nl/ssl_uk/1/666_sf29307.html FUYU NO JIN/MVG's MS-01 The best cum-swallowing movie ever made. To think this was even made back in 1995! In this movie a woman collects the cum of dozens of dozens of men in a huge punch bowl. At the end she swallows it all down using a ladle. Most every cumshot features a zoomed of the woman's foamy mouth full of cum. I just can't belive the amount of cum they managed to fill the bowl with. If you want this video it can still be found online at japanese used goods stores. It retails for 10,000 Yen and is out of print but you can still find a used VHS of it (original) for around $45. Edited by - tmd5 on Nov 17 2004
Joey Starr

Meat Sandy, my Tranny Secretary!
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Posted - Nov 18 2004 : 3:01AM
+1 for DREI FAUSTE IM ARSCH , I love the scene were the husband is fucked in the ass with a strapon and then the nurse pisses in his mouth!

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Posted - Nov 22 2004 : 6:12PM
Black Dirty Debs 9 with Cherry Lee,
China & China doll & Ed Powers

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Posted - Nov 22 2004 : 8:25PM
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Posted - Nov 22 2004 : 8:34PM

Em wrote:
Under Suspicion

Because of this extremely sick reverse strip, I suppose.

BTW, one of the more acceptable remakes. But Lino Ventura is god, but I like Freeman, too.


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Posted - Nov 22 2004 : 8:44PM

Zartyr wrote:
Because of this extremely sick reverse strip, I suppose.

Hehe, actually - it's the idea of total control over a helpless individual, not to mention the idea of his actions, online more than offline, being perfectly transparent for the so-called authorities. Sounds too much like the cold marshlands of yesteryear for comfort. No, I shall not cite the clichey NotSoSmall Brother et alia :)

BTW, one of the more acceptable remakes. But Lino Ventura is god, but I like Freeman, too.

I liked Freeman most in 'The Shawshank Redemption'. He should have done an audiobook version of that story (regardless of the fact that the great Rita is dead, and not fit to provide visuals on an audiobook, anyhow :] )

Joey Starr

Meat Sandy, my Tranny Secretary!
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Posted - Mar 25 2006 : 10:33PM

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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 7:30AM
Here some of my favorite movies which are really sick to most people.

In each movie a few lovely girls have sex with four or five men at the same time. The sex is mostly anal and very rough. At the end of each scene the girl receives anal cream pies from all the men. Then she farts the cum out of her ass.

A movie with hard anal pounding, but during the scenes the girls are gaping. And the gapes are huge, really huge.

In each scene the girls take milk enemas and fart the milk out of their asses. Also lots of anal sex.

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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 1:12PM
The sickest stuff I like is probably A good source of iron... I've seen some even sicker stuff but generally I don't like it very much because of production quality etc.
Jewel De'Nyle

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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 2:15PM
50 to 1 very sick but great.
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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 5:17PM
I have a TS video. Whether you find that sick depends on your personal definition. I'd call it bent, but not sick .

Len Nicodemo
Doctor of Pornography (Po.D.)

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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 5:22PM

PXP fan wrote:
50 to 1 very sick but great.

Great, yes. But sick? You can't be serious, Jewel.

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Posted - Mar 26 2006 : 7:10PM
Never thought I could do it, but I watched "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer". It was strangely compelling.
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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 8:05AM
Loose Cannon

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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 8:42AM
Le Sang des bêtes and In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden (not really sick, but there is one sequence that most viewers are disturbed by...it involves cows if that helps :))...it's one of Fassbinder's best, if not his best, IMHO.


Jewel De'Nyle

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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 10:52AM
Sick as in that's sick meaning great that's my def of SICK.
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Tastes so good...
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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 12:15PM
Sleepless in Seattle

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It's the one advantage to being universally despised: you get to say whatever you want.
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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 12:38PM

astroknight wrote:
Sleepless in Seattle

Frrrrreak !

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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 1:22PM
Any Rocco movie featuring Kelly Stafford!
Jewel De'Nyle

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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 9:09PM
Movies that made me sick House of 1000 corpses,Saw and Wrong Turn.
anal aficionado
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Goodbye Friends
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Posted - Mar 27 2006 : 11:59PM
Slither(that's what the advertisement told me)

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Posted - Mar 28 2006 : 11:48AM
Savage Instinct aka They Call Me Macho Woman. Hlarious, stupid and gory. And I loved every minute of it. This chick(played by Debra Sweaney)has to be one of the strongest weak women I've ever seen. Movie kind of works if you believe what you're seeing. Dont let your eyes lie to you!
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Good & Evil is merely a matter of perspective, I perfer to call myself... Determined
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Posted - Mar 29 2006 : 1:02AM
In the Days of Whore (Extreme Associates)
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