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Nobody Bleeds for the Dancer
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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 6:36PM
Anyone know what happened to BD towards the end of her porn career or know what she is doing/looking like these days? I know she hooked up with and only worked with BRETT TRUE, then went all girl only..then dissappeared. Thanks for any help. Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Jan 31 2005

Nobody Bleeds for the Dancer
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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 7:06PM here and trying to find my way around.

Firmly Embedded in Depravity
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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 7:20PM
np, you'll ge the hang of it.

Welcome to the forum, and 'moved threads'.

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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 10:15PM
I remember the first movie I ever saw was Miami Spice staring Barbra Dare. I was 16 and the video store never carded me (not sure if it was because I was a girl or they just did not care if they rented to underage kids.) Some days that summer I would go back to the video store 2 or 3 times the same day to get more movies, I think I got more of a thrill out of taking the box to the counter and renting out the movie than actually watching them. One of the women (she was probably in her early 20's but back then that was old to me) who worked there always looked at me weird and could never look at the box covers for the movies, eventually we started talking and she would ask me why I liked porn, and later I would have to tell her about what happened in the movies - but she said she could never bring herself to watch one. Pretty much anytime I was alone then I had to watch adult movies. Around this same time I was also buying magazines like High Society, Cheri, & Club International. It was an older woman probably in her 50's that owned the newstand where I would buy them, and everyweek she would save them for me, again never carded me or anything. I don't think I could ever have rented a movie or bought a magazine from a guy though.

In the early 90's I stoped watching porn, but in the last 6 months or so have rediscovered porn and once again enjoying it very much. I still have not decided what I like in today's porn, I do like the way most of the men and women look, except for to many tattoos and piercings, I do not like all the anal, although I have seen a couple of sceens where it was shoot very nicely, I also like facials, only from one guy more and its so gross, and some girl girl but they often get to nasty for my tastes.

I did not mean to ramble on like I did, sorry,



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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 10:50PM
I really liked BD as well, sorry I don't know what happened after she left either.
Deb41, I really liked your post. It's fun to read positive porn initiation stories especially from a female perspective. Going about it on your own without the boyfriend prodding you seems pretty unique.
God, I remember the first couple of times bringing porn to the counter where a young woman was working and feeling my knees shake.
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Posted - Jan 31 2005 : 11:30PM
B. dare was one of my all time favs, i loved her girl girl scenes with girls like kathleen jentry, bionca,nina hartley and her one time real life girlfriend ginger lynn. i hear ginger and B. dare were off screen lovers at one time. and Barbra seem to really love eating pussy in her scenes. i too wonder whatever happen to her and what she"s doing these days.

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Posted - Feb 1 2005 : 10:14AM
I am not sure I would consider my experiences to be positive (or negative) just at that time in my life porn was very important to me, as it is becoming once again.

I doubt I would have gotten what I was looking for from porn if there had been a boyfriend involved at the time. I think most guys found me very intimidating back then and as a result I was very lonely. I also do not presure very well, so if a guy wanted me to watch porn with him, I probably would have said no, even today I would probably do so, although I would very much enjoy the display of sexual energy on the screen and our own intimacy. I worry men will want me to do things we seen in movies, that I have no interest in. I do not ever want to try anal sex, and while I have been enjoying watching facials, its not something I want myself, as I desire my man to come inside my mouth. Even at 34 I am probably considered to be a prude.


Walter Burns
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IAFD, supporters of beastiality. Just say no.
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Posted - Feb 1 2005 : 10:28AM

deb41 wrote:
...I have been enjoying watching facials, its not something I want myself, as I desire my man to come inside my mouth. Even at 34 I am probably considered to be a prude.

A prude wouldn't desire her man to come inside her mouth, would she? I am so easily confused lately and hardly up to date on the social-sexual mores of today's youth.

About Barbara Dare, I vaguely remember something about her having hit rock bottom and having to move back in with her mother. That was a rumor of some years ago and I have no idea if there is any truth to the matter.
On second thought, I maybe shouldn't have repeated such vague rumors about people I really don't know personally. BAD WALTER, don't do it again.

bigdick said:
"Porn is all about nasty. Hence the word 'PORN'."
(Erm… OK??)


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Posted - Feb 1 2005 : 11:59AM
I saw her perform in a club in Philly in 1990. She told me she got into XXX after going to Plato's Retreat in NYC with some friends of hers. Ask Nina Hartley at her website she probably knows. She answers everything at her bulletin board. She told me she hangs out with Porsche Lynn and Sharon Kane several times a year.

A persistent porno-tative state
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Posted - Feb 2 2005 : 11:18PM
She did feature dancing for a while. I remember she was at Vogue Showclub in Columbia, Missouri where I going to school at the time. This was around 1993. She was looking really good. I got a lapdance from her. It was really good. Second only to several I got from Inari Vachs last year when she was touring.
Pete Zaface
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Posted - Feb 4 2005 : 8:41PM
An airline pilot, standing at the cabin entrance greeting passengers, sees an attractive, somewhat familiar woman. Unable to place her, he approaches her and says, "Excuse me, miss, but you look familiar. Have I maybe seen you in the movies or something similar?"

"That depends on what kind of movies you've been watching," replied Barbara Dare.

True story.

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