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Posted - Sep 7 2005 : 1:53PM
Hi there! I must admit that I don't know all that much about this subject, that's why I'm turning to you guys. According to a friend of mine, Amee Donovan had to retire after getting some serious anal injuries in of of her movies (Gangbang Auditions 10 I believe). I haven't seen the scene myself, but according to my friend there's no mentioning of that on the DVD or in the movie itself. So, my question is: is that true? Was she in fact seriously injured and, if so, why did Diabolic choose to put the scene on the DVD? Did they do something wrong which caused her injury or was it just "bad luck"? And what are Amee's feelings about the whole thing today? Has she fully recovered? My apologies if this is just an urban legend...
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Posted - Sep 7 2005 : 2:23PM
She never hid the fact that she hated facials, so I avoided her movies.

I cannot enjoy a scene if a girl looks miserable.

Hopefully her asshole will recover.

It could simply be a matter of not being able to get work, once she decided to stop doing anal.


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Posted - Sep 7 2005 : 2:27PM

I can't find the thread where Amee answered this herself.

Yes, she did get some anal tears from one of her scenes, and it continued to cause her some medical problems. She moved back to Ohio and dropped from the biz.

I don't know if she has fully recoverd, but I hope she has.

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Posted - Sep 7 2005 : 2:32PM
Finally found it.

Name is spelled Amee Donavan.

Here is the story.

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